Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Walk is a Walk is a Walk…

I reset my odometer on my car this morning on the ride to get my Cokes.  It is exactly 2.5 miles to mom and dad’s house.  I thought, “Hey, me and Maggie could just walk that every morning for our daily walk.  I could get my cokes and Maggie could get her exercise.”  Of course, I will wait until the sun is up and it warms up some.  I can’t stand the cold; absolutely abhor it.   I also drove down to George’s and Mrs.. Florene’s house from my house while I drank a cold coke and it was 2 miles.   There is really no need to use my car anymore other than every other Tuesday when I get my Risperdal injection.  Dad’s pharmacy and the doctor’s office is in another town.

George called me this morning from work hoping I would be up.

“What’cha doin?” he asked.

“Eating spaghetti,” I replied.

George laughed.

“You should have waited and ate a more traditional breakfast with mom and I.”

“What’chu doin?” I then asked George.

“Goofing off and waiting for 7 AM to arrive,” George replied.

It’s good to know a lot of work is getting done at Wal-Mart distribution.   


Hap Joy Free said...

Ha ur joke about the work being done at Walmart distribution. I, too, have been known to goof off occaisionally. Sounds like both you and George are doing well today.


Andrew said...


George like to call just to be callin'. He will ask me about the most mundane stuff. He also says I live like a college kid with the hours I keep and the food I eat. LOL

forsythia said...

You and Maggie look like you're heading toward a one man/one dog walkathon. Dogs and people were meant to walk, and most folks and their dogs don't walk nearly enough. Congratulations to the two of you. Keep on hoofing.

Andrew said...


I do it for Maggie. Our walks are the highlight of her day. She has to literally sniff every thing along the way which makes our walks much longer. But I enjoy them as well. When I first started, I was so sore I could barely walk for days! Shows you how out of shape I was!

impromptublogger said...

Walking is good but if you're going to be carrying Cokes 2.5 miles that can get kind of heavy! Maybe you can get Maggie to carry them on her back.... (j/k) ;-)

Andrew said...


It will be 5 miles round trip. I will get Maggie to be my pack mule! LOL Gitty-up girl!

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same thing about the cokes getting heavy when you are walking. it would be good exercise for you. i need to exercise. i wish that i could take walks but due to my walking with a walker and being as slow as i am i do not take walks anymore. i am glad that gracie exercises when we play and that i have a fenced in patio she can go outside and do her business.i would have to wait to walk until it is warmer though andrew. it is really cold here today. i think it is probably in the teens! i am kind of a wimp when it comes to the cold. you could get maggie a pack and she could help you by carrying the pop. it would be cute to see. if you get her one take a picture of her with it so we can all see her. i am glad that george is doing good. it is good to know, liz

Andrew said...

Liz, it's just six diet cokes in a plastic sack. It won't be too heavy. I've got a backpack as well from when I was homeless. I could put them in there.

You can keep the cold! I am like you and hate it. I am ready for spring and it is just around the corner!