Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunrise…What a Better Time to Walk…I think…

I was laying in the bed this morning half in and out of sleep when Maggie started mewling next to the bed.  I moved over and pulled the covers to the side.  This usually invites her to get on the bed with me.  That wasn’t what she wanted.  Then more whimpering and mewling. 

“What is it girl?” I asked sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing my eyes.

Maggie got excited and started to wiggle and rear up on her hind legs.  I walked into the laundry room to check her food and water.  She had plenty.

“Not a walk this early,” I finally said.

Being the softie I am, I pulled on my sweat pants and a hoodie.  I grabbed the leash and hooked Maggie up.  Maggie was beside herself.  “Who owns who?” I thought.  I looked like a mess, my hair all disheveled.  I was the frumpy walker.

We only walked around the neighborhood all the while with me yawning wildly.  Maggie had to greet all the neighborhood dogs, tail wagging wildly, and sniffing noses.  She was having the time of her life.

“We’ve got to synchronize our internal clocks,” I told her as we stepped back into the house. 

I feel better now and am wide awake.  Soon, I will crawl into the shower and complete the wakeup process.  I can hear Maggie crunching on her nibbles as I write this.  That was all she wanted; a short walk to get out of the house.  I fear she gets cabin fever.   Well, let me go lather up and wash this medusa like monstrosity that is my bed head. 


Hap Joy Free said...

nice how just a little walk can make her so happy.

A dogs life!

Joy Heather said...

In answer to your question..its obviously Maggie who owns you !!. To her you dont look frumpy or a mess..I bet you are the greatest thing since sliced bread...and she just loves her daddy.
When i used to go out early with my dog..i was always glad afterwards that i'd made the effort and i usually felt better throughout the day as well..
I miss a dog so much that i am thinking of getting an older one from a dogs home ( because of my age..a younger one might outlive me..LoL)It would be good to get out and about again..I'll just have to get one that likes cats, like my Rosie did.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good start to your day. gracie is a sleepy head like i am that fits my lifestyle better these days. liz

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

"I was the frumpy walker."

Very nice post, thanks.