Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Status Quo…

I was talking to mom yesterday about the coke ritual.  I told her there was no real reason to dole them out to me anymore now that I am drinking caffeine free cokes – caffeine being the one enemy that caused this ritual to begin with.

“I kinda like the ritual,” she told me.

“Okay,” I said. “I guess I do, too.  I like driving over every morning to get them.  It is something to look forward to.”

That settled, mom told me she has a cauterization on her heart this morning.  “I have shortness of breath all the time,” she said.  Dad says she’s just fat and needs to lose weight and to start exercising.  Isn’t that so callous? In dad’s defense, mom has been known to overdo it as far as health care goes.  She is seeing a new doctor (doctor shopping) who is ordering all these tests not knowing her penchant for such things.

Maggie got her walk yesterday.  We walked four miles.  She was really strutting her stuff – her little legs going a hundred miles an hour.  She walked so fast that I was out of breath when we got back to the house.  That little dog can scoot!

Mom and I went and bought my groceries late last night after eating at the local Mexican restaurant.  I only spent $36 dollars for the whole week and this worried mom.  I am allowed to spend $85 dollars a week.

“You sure you don’t want to go back and get some of those ham steaks you love and some sweets?” she asked. “You also didn’t get breakfast food.”

“I will be fine,” I assured her.  She was worried about having to make a second trip to the grocery store later in the week when and if I run out of food.


Anonymous said...

it would be quite a walk if gracie and maggie would walk together running i am sure liz

Anonymous said...

Why not just walk over to get ur diet pop? u took an aimless 4-mile walk today! why not walk with a practical purpose and save energy? get in shape while minimizing ur carbon footprint! we r such a nation of gas hogs!