Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Random Photos…

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This IS The Fun Part! said...

Okay, after your last post, this is going to sound pretty silly. BUT. . . with those two dark stripes down her face, Maggie looks like she's one of those "Foo Man Choo" (or however you spell it) statues!

What a great friend she is!

BTW, I'm enjoying your Weather Blog! Fun to read - thanks!


justLacey said...

Maggie is always so photogenic. You should spend more time taking pictures and mount and frame them. You really have a great eye for the beauty in all things normal.

Andrew said...


Thank you. I like Maggie's Fu Man Chu mustache. It makes me chuckle. Thank you for reading the weather blog. I think I have 3 people reading right now! lol


Thank you. Yesterday, I got a photography for dummies book and a photoshop for dummies book thus the recent influx of pictures! I am obsessesd.

I saw your comment about being tired of Facebook. Let me know where you go so I can stalk you! LOL just kidding. I just enjoy your Internet company.

Secret said...

I enjoy yours too! I am always looking for something new on the internet. I hate when I feel like I have run out of interesting stuff.

Maire said...

You are a natural photographer, both light and shadow! Maggie is so cute, I have girl dogs. Poor Maggie would be subjected to baths w/girly smelling bubbes, and bows in her hair, lol!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) check out this emo boy style on this blog:

Anonymous said...

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