Thursday, January 21, 2010

Off to See Connie…

Maggie has frayed and worn out her new harness.  That’s Wal-Mart made in China for you.  Well, mom has soft tissue therapy this morning and I am going with her.  We are swinging by Pet Smart on the way home to get a sturdier harness.  Mom called me this morning to remind me.

“Have you measured Maggie’s neck and girth?” mom asked me.

“Every time I go to measure her, she acts all funny, runs outside, and sits in the rain,” I replied. “She thinks I am going to do something weird to her.”

Mom chuckled and then I bet you could see a frown on her face.  The devils in the details for her as I have often said.

“What are we going to do?” mom asked sounding frustrated.

“Next time she comes in, I am going to shut the laundry room door so she can’t escape out the dog door.  Then I will get the measurements.”

“Call me back when you do,” mom replied. “I can’t go back to sleep unless I know you have them.”

This is serious business folks for mom.  Going to Connie is serious business and getting Maggie a FITTING harness is serious business as well.  Mom worries that Maggie is not wearing her rabies tags with the old harness off.  She thinks Maggie will be captured and put to sleep.  

Well, let me get some breakfast started.  I am going to scramble two eggs, fry two pieces of bacon, and have some buttered toast.  I might even get wild and eat a banana or an apple or two! lol


Joy Heather said...

Do they not sell the adjustable Harnesses over there Andrew ??..some of them are very strong....they come in Small,Medium, Large & Extra Large..but there is quite a bit of allowance on each size in order to get a snug fit..they are a little more expensive than normal ones..but they do last a long time and i used to find them excellent.

forsythia said...

We have two adjustable harnesses. They work great. I hope you'll "get wild" and have that banana or those apples--folks are supposed to eat at least 5 fruits/vegetables a day to stay healthy.

geelizzie said...

Animals are so funny when they think you are trying to pull one over on them. Last night my husband was trying to trim our Harri cat's claws and you would have thought we were torturing her. He only managed to get one claw done before he had to give up.

Leann said...

That's the OCD in her :-) I live with it every day as well.

I hope you and your mother have a grand day spending time together.

Blessings Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Breakfast sounded good. Bacon has been sounding good to me lately i might need to buy some. I hope that your mom and you have a good day. remember to get some things that you really like when you go shopping. Dogs can be so funny sometimes if they think you are doing something funny to them. I hope that you have a good day...and am hoping that I have a good day too the last few have been rough. Liz

Anonymous said...

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