Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maggie LOVES Dead Things…

My neighbors directly across the street intrigue me.  Charlie says the father made a fortune in his early days writing and selling children’s books.  He always wears a flannel shirt and khaki pants, and has the handsomest silver grey hair.  You would never know they have money by the cars they drive though.  Every car they own is missing a hubcap and this pushes some button within me.   They recently bought a new to them car and it has extensive wreck damage.  They must have gotten a good deal.  They must also be into the frugality lifestyle.  They’re the ones with the chickens within city limits.  

Maggie and I got our six mile walk in before the rain started.  There was a dead armadillo in the road at one point and Maggie went wild.  I let her walk out in the road with the hopes that she would sniff it and be satiated.  She bit the tail and pulled it completely in half.  I reeled in disgust!!!  At least she got half of the monstrosity off the road.  I had to pop her to let go of what was left. 

I’ve been busy today.  I’ve been a cleaning fool.  I have this big library case in my computer room.  I organized all my Model Railroader and Wired! magazines and made it look neat and tidy.  It took several hours.  Mom said I could come get books out of the garage to fill the empty cubby holes.  It will look so nice when I am finished and I will get a photo up.

I am currently waiting on dad to arrive.  I had to ration my cigarettes today to make it this far.  Dad is bringing a carton.  I will probably see him around 9:30 when he leaves the pharmacy for the night.  Well, I am off to play Oblivion.  I am trying to get back into computer gaming to pass the time.  Mom also said she would buy me one new game every month thus the incentive to play and get interested again.  I will post a video of me playing Oblivion in a few short ones.  Good night good friends and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day.   


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Good evening Sir Andrew!

Hope all is well with you - when you have finished cleaning there, you are more than welcome to come finish my cleaning. I could dust twice a day and everything would still look dusty. I try to believe that I like it that way to keep the glare down - but there are limits!

We need to see a picture of your trains!! Would love to see the hobby you love so much.

Have a great evening!

Joy Heather said...

I think i would have been sick if i had seen Maggie with the Armadillo like that..but i suppose when a dog smells the blood it does set off some sort of trigger (from times past when they were wild)
Hope you enjoy your computer games amd have a great day...Will you see George later ?, hope he is still doing well. Take Care Andrew.,Joy

Sharyna said...

For some ungodly reason, Fred wants the armadillo tail. Could you just wrap that up and send it right away?