Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maggie and I…

You should see Maggie and I cramped on that little twin bed in my computer room.  I like it though.  She will nestle against my bare chest and her rhythmic breathing puts me to sleep.  You can also feel her slowing heartbeat as she settles down and drifts off.  Dad calls her my wife.  Any room I am in and she is with me keeping up with me. 

My injection is this Tuesday.  I am now in that twilight zone where my medication levels are slowly fading and dropping.  This always makes for interesting times.  I experienced some numbness in my hands this morning shortly after awaking.  Thankfully, it went away after eating a breakfast of Chef Boyardee mini ravioli.  Dad, lately, has been more forgiving of giving me extra Risperdal when I get like this. I look forward to seeing my nurse, Rebecca, and resetting the clock so to speak. 

Mom was right that $38 dollars wasn’t enough groceries.  I didn’t tell her I am almost out so as not to panic her.  I told dad and he is getting me things to make sandwiches today.  We are also going to go get me gasoline for the first time in three weeks.  I did some calculations this morning and I have only put 4000 miles on my car in the five years I have owned it.  Pretty amazing, huh?  I just never drive except to go the mile to mom and dad’s.  


(M)ary said...

My dog Sir Poopalot must be my husband. He sleeps all over the house only laying next to me occasionally, waking me when he needs something. He barks and whines when I am on the phone, complains if I don't give him the food he likes, and makes messes he can't clean. If that represents what it means to have a husband, no wonder I am single!

Andrew said...

Mary! I burst out lauging when I read your comment! Yep, that sounds like a husband.

Anonymous said...

that comment from Mary is so funny. Gracie is the same way except she does not sleep with me. The bed i have is too high for her to junp up on and she does not want me to help her. I was wondering the other day if you still get your shot. It amazes me how long that it last.
Speaking of groceries I do the same thing and often do not buy enough for long periods of time. Mom did my shopping this week and I have plenty for awhile. She did a good job spent lots of food stamps. I hope that you get to the store soon. Take care, Liz

Joy Heather said...

Yes..that descprition by (M)ary sounds like my late husband, funny...I do as many miles in 4-6 months as you do in 5 years Andrew...Your Car will last you a long,long time if you look after it in other ways as well...but they do need a real good run every so often, if you only do lots of small journeys I believe, otherwise its apparently not good for the engine, I was told this by an extremely good Mechanic. I've got a real thing about having plenty of food in the house..i believe in a good supply of non perishables..just incase !!(incase of what i'm not sure LOL)....aren't we all different...i think its because my Mom always had a good supply of food and essentials to hand and her cupboards were always very well stocked...i get very panicky if i run low on lots of things (although this rarely happens)..its strange the things that bother us isn't it..we are all different....Hope you feel fine until you get your Meds on Tuesday Andrew..Take Care love to you & Maggie.

Jamie said...

I love Chef-Boy-Ardee ravioli for breakfast, too! And folks think I'm kind of weird for that, so next time I defend myself, I will tell them I am NOT the only one that likes it in the morning.

I hope the next two days go okay for you...I know how difficult the days are for you, leading up to your injection.

Happy Sunday evening, friend. :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Andrew,
I've been remiss and today was the first day I've read blogs in a while. I missed you, of course. I feel much better now that I've caught up with your world. I hope George is OK. It would be great if you could go to a meeting with him every day. That would be great for him...fill up his soul with support. You're a good friend, and I hope George leans on you. If only you could get your shot 2 days earlier. The same thing happens every month, doesn't it?

Ravioli for breakfast, huh? It's not unusual for me to have Lean Cuisine. Easy is the best.

Hope your Sunday was good. It was wet and yucky here. A good inside day.

Leann said...

Andrew ~ My mom is the same way with her vehicle. She has had it for several years and only has around 5k miles on it. She just doesn't drive much.

Liz ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the visit.

mommy2twogirls said...

Hey old friend!
I am so glad you have Maggie...she is such a good companion for you. Dogs can really be a comfort in lonely times as my dog was for me for many years. Take good care of her!

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