Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look For the Simplest Solution First!

Charlie’s wife called me last night panicked that her computer wouldn’t boot up.  I had visions of fried motherboards and sketchy RAM. 

“Charlie’s coming by to pick you up,” Janice said over the phone.

Charlie pulled up just as I was hanging up the phone.  I guess they realize I am a home body and am always home.

“Janice is about to drive me crazy about that computer!” Charlie hissed as I got in the car. “She wanted me to go to Wal-Mart and buy a new one.”

When we arrived at Charlie’s house, I went back to the office and pushed the power button.  Nothing.  I took off the cover of the case to look for any wires and cables unplugged, or anything shorted.  Nothing.  I was stumped.  I sat in the desk chair and thought for a very long minute.  Then I looked under the desk.  The computer was unplugged! lol  I plugged it in and it booted up into Vista fine.  Janice was so, so grateful and sent me home with half a left over pot roast.  Sandwiches anyone?


Hap Joy Free said...

Thats so funny! last week I tried to boot my desktop, NOTHING! wont go on. And yes I did check to see if was plugged in. Something really wrong. Got my laptop ok.....Janice is a twit!!

Summer said...

I'm not mechanically inclined and as the office manager you would not believe how many times my phone rings and I hear, the fax won't work, the xerox machine won't copy, my computer won't boot up, the postage meter won't print. You get the the picture. All I do is check cords or turn it off and back on. Usually fixes the problem.

I'm sure that will never happen to Janice ever again. She's probably mortified.

But in my office....

Cheryl said...

How funny. Janice probably felt so foolish. It's the simple things in life, usually.

About your question...I would be very happy for you to back the data up for me. Thanks in advance!

Joy Heather said...

did you get the e-mail Andrew ??..if you did then i can send the other one, i know it all sounds complicated...but when i explain you will see there really a very simple just sounds complicated..

Andrew said...


The backkup of your template is on the way!


I haven't recieved the email yet. I am anxious to hear what you have to write. I am worried about you.

Joy Heather said...

I have re-sent it Andrew..let me know if you get this one...dont understand why you are not getting them.

Andrew said...


I got it and just emailed you back. My heart goes out to you dear friend!


Leann said...

I haven't done anything quite that silly thank goodness. There are times at work tho that I'm sure the IT guys are thinking we're pretty silly.

Happyone :-) said...

That was an easy problem to fix! :-)
At least she didn't go out and buy a new one!
Thank you for your kind words.