Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let’s All Pile On…

It’s only been a day since I’ve been recovering from my close call with my mental illness.  I was sitting here yesterday obsessing over the supposed snow we are getting when my psychiatrist’s office called.

“Just wanted to remind you you have an appointment with Dr. Kern in the morning at 8 AM,” she said perkily.

“Fuck!” was the exact word I muttered after hanging up.  Sorry to sensitive eyes and ears!

I called dad and he wasn’t too happy about it.  He had forgotten as well.

“I was hoping to have a day off,” he told me sounding disappointed.

I told him to look on the bright side.  We could get some of those delectable sausage biscuits at Hardee’s afterwards in the morning.  

I plan on talking to my psychiatrist about my insomnia.  I can only sleep around 3 or 4 hours at a time then I am up for 8 hours or more.  I feel tired all the time.  Maybe he will give me something to take to solve this little problem (joy!). 

On top of that tomorrow, I have to go buy groceries and I dread it immensely.  I am thinking of just getting twenty cans of Chef Boyardee for $20 dollars and a few jugs of Milo’s sweet tea and calling it quits.  Mom will have a fit, though -  saying that is a terrible diet and that I need some kind of vegetables and fruits.  


Anonymous said...

Chef Boyardee is sickenly high in sodium and fat! Chain gang inmates eat better than that! Try to stay away from canned food. Fresh and frozen foods are better. End of the holidays must be quite a let-down! No more presents, lights and tinsel! Just staring at miserable cans of cruddy chow! All that caffeine you ingest helps you cope with the dullness and pointlessness of your infantile lifestyle by getting you all excited over nothing, however,it also keeps you up at night. Your dad should slowly start reducing the number of caffeinated pops you get daily. Caffeine withdrawal is horrible but may well be worth it.

Joy Heather said...

Hope you get it all sorted out soon Andrew, i am so grumpy and seem tired all day if i dont get enough sleep..while you are doing your grocery shopping, just think of all that snow thats promised you, and get some comfort foods in..i did my big shop recently and am enjoying the snow we have been getting the past couple of days..but we are forcast much more in the next week..i have put a couple of pics on my blog of it today, i love it as long as i can stay in a see it through the window...time was when i couldn't wait to get out in it and have fun...seems like only yesterday !!! please put some pics on your blog when yours finally arrives. This weather i dont enjoy fruit or veggies as much as i do in summer either...but your Moms right..they are good for you & i always think as long as i have my quota of them..then i can enjoy the 'other stuff' a little more..matbe i'm a batty old bird, but that philosophy works ok for me..enjoy your day..Joy

Anonymous said...

Why did your father's remark that you are a " big boy " embarrass you so much? Did it remind you that you are effectively legally, financially and socially EXILED from adult society by your dad's guardianship over you? You must get lonely for lack of peers as I doubt there are many middle-aged "kids" like you in Lanett. Though highly dysfunctional, even George has a job and is his own man. You don't have to be crazy to be troubled about your strange social status. I hope none of the customers laughed at you! You are a smart man who has yet to find his courage.

Andrew said...

Why are anonymous commenters always telling me what I already know? Is it it just to berate me or make me feel badly? It isn't working and I am adamant about keeping anonymous comments up!!!


I will get some snow pics up ASAP. It's looking more and more like we are going to get a good one! I am so excited!

justLacey said...

Mom is right. Perhaps if your diet and exercise routine were better, the insomnia would be too. Get some real food!

Andrew said...


I'll get a few cans of V8 and some canned peaches! :-) Maggie and I walk 6 miles most everyday!

Amy said...

Did someone say Milo's? That is the best sweet tea on the planet but it makes me stay awake all night because it has so much caffeine. I do hope your appointment goes well this morning.

Happyone :-) said...

Anonymous is a bit harsh!!

I'll be doing my grocery shopping later this morning too.
Hope your day goes well.

skinny minny said...

Caffeine can have the affect of keeping one awake but doesn't affect me that way. And even if it does affect you like that you don't have to give it up just stop drinking it at acertain time so it is out of you system by bedtime. say 8 or 9pm for a 10-11 pm bedtime. But to me it sounds more like you are having problems staying asleep once you get to sleep and once you wake up it is hard to get back to sleep...right? and that my friend says to me it is not the caffienne (or any food/drink) but something else affecting your sleep pattern. We are getting the bitter cold and they are throwing around that snow word here too but I sure hope the snow (which will be more like sleet) by passes us and goes onto you. :)

kristi said...

I buy groceries weekly and try to keep my fridge stocked with plenty of veggies and fruit. I like to cut up celery and bring baby carrots to work for snack.

kristi said...

I also didn't mention that I hate going to the store, but it must be done!! I hate to shop PERIOD and do a lot of my shopping online.

Jamie said...

Your anonymous commentors really piss me off. I am proud of the way you handle it all...sometimes when I read them, I just want to kick some serious butt.

Sorry - but some folks are just assholes. Seriously.

Hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

I am an anonymous commenter who only gets ticked when you talk about those around you breaking the law.

I commented on you letting George drive drunk. I have commented on the way your father passes out perscription drugs to you and your mother (and lets his own brother raid the cabinet) like it's candy in a candy store.

These are the things that I comment on....why? because no matter what is wrong with you, illegal is illegal. You are not above the law, nor is your father, George, etc.

If it was only affecting you then I wouldn't bother. But when the general public's lives are at stake, then i think I have the right AND responsibility to say something in the hopes that you will think about what you are allowing.

If you don't want negative comments about the illegal happenings, then DONT WRITE ABOUT THEM!

If i had the name of your fathers pharmacy, I'd have called the law long ago.