Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Make House Calls…

“Janice’s email has quit working,”  Charlie told me of his wife as he stood at my door a moment ago.  “She’s driving me crazy and told me to come get you.  I am so sorry to bother you.”

Charlie could see from the couch and quiet house that I had been taking a nap.  Power napping as I like to say.  I wasn’t bothered, though.  I assured Charlie I would be overjoyed to help.

The fix to Janice’s email problem was a simple solution.  I had it back up in just a few minutes.  When I finished, Charlie was talking on his cellphone to someone about Waterford crystal so I took a seat in the den to watch TV.  Soon, we were back on our way much to my relief.  I had started to feel anxiety as I sat there to the very loud din of the television.

“Here’s 12 Diet Cokes,” Charlie said as we stood in his garage.  “Don’t you dare tell your father, and we are going to get you something to eat.”

I grinned feverishly.  It was going to be a good afternoon. 

“Here,” he also said, handing me the keys to his new Audi. “You’re driving.”

My anxiety skyrocketed.  Driving scares me these days with my mental illness and anxiety attacks, and this was a $40,000 brand new car.  I drove fine, though.  We went to Wendy’s down in the valley and got Maggie and I a hamburger – a double w/ cheese for both of us and two fries.  Charlie got a vanilla Frosty.  “It’s better than the chocolate,” he remarked, hungrily consuming it.  I’m glad to be home, to have Diet Cokes, treat food, and for the diversion to my normal routines.  Sometimes things just work out well.  


becomingkate said...

Sounds like an awesome Sunday!

Andrew said...


Yes, it has been. I've had an enjoyable day except for some anxiety. I love spending time with Charlie. We just laughed and laughed as we talked on the drives.

Lena said...

Nice for Charlie to have a computer wiz close by. Sounds like it was worth the 12 cokes to give up your nap!

Andrew said...


It certainly was! I am on Coke six. Bliss! And the hot hamburger and fries hit the spot on this very cold day!

Hap Joy Free said...

Dang, I didnt know Wendys has VANILLA frosties??? Where have I been? Must try it.

Amazing he can eat ice cream in 20 degree weather! Its cold here in Mmiami, somewhere in the 50'!

Like your new blog template, very kewl, Andrew. What did Maggie think of her *happy Meal* from Wendys? Must've been in hog-dog heaven.

Andrew said...


Maggie loved her double with cheese and the fries. I had to "prepare" it, though, as she will make a big mess if I leave the pickles, onions, and tomatoes on it. I tore it up into bite size pieces and put it on a paper plate. She carried the now empty paper plate around in her mouth for about thirty minutes through the house! LOL I guess she was looking for more!

Summer said...

I love that Charlie!

Andrew said...

Me too, Summer. I love him more than anything! I would go to him before I went to my Uncles!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

And the very best thing is that you were able to very confidently help someone who is usually helping you!

Way to go, Andrew!

I agree with you on the facebook thing, too. I have tried to get into it - and I just don't get it. I figured that maybe I was too old. Sure glad you agree because I really value your opinion on such things.

Hoping your weather forecast continues to look promising!