Monday, January 4, 2010

I Just Can’t Take It!

“You are going to have to call and cancel the appointments,” I just told mom.

Mom sat down on my couch and looked flabbergasted.  “I hate that,” she said solemnly as she looked so worried.  “What am I going to tell Rhonda?”

“Tell her we are sick and you know that’s the truth,” I replied. “I just can’t make it. I can’t take all that today.  I don’t want any complications.  I just want to read and stay quiet to calm my mind.”

Mom left running all over the curb in front of my house.  I sighed and will await her to get home.  I will call in a few minutes and make sure she arrived okay and is back in the bed.  Complicated are lives are as Yoda would say.  I feel so terrible for doing that to mom.  Appointments are so important to her.  She didn’t need to be doing all that as well, though.  Sometimes you just have to say, “no.”


Cheryl said...

I love your new template Andrew. Very, very nice. I'm wondering if you could get your meds sooner when you come across times like this when you're body is chemically unbalanced? It seems that just like with pain meds, you need to stay ahead of it. Can you talk to your doctor when you go in for your injection?

justLacey said...

That's right. Sometimes we all need a little quiet.

Hap Joy Free said...

Bravo to you for taking care of yourself by saying No. I thinkit did you both good, cus she sounded not up to getting her hair done.

Tomorrow will be better day... hugs!