Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gone with the Wind…

I finished Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.  A fascinating and captivating book.  On to Scarlet now which mom says is really good.  Mom didn’t like the Twilight books so brought them by to me since I’ve seen two of the movies and loved them.  I’m already on book three, Eclipse.  It took some getting used to Stephanie Meyer’s childish prose, though, which was why mom didn’t like them. “Too hard to read,” she had told me as she handed me the bag.   I love them in their own awkward way.   Mom also brought me Robert Jordan’s complete Wheel of Time fantasy series which is twelve books.  She said if I love The Lord of the Rings then I will love this series.   I have so many books now I don’t know what to read next.  Mom is like a library.  I find myself reading a few chapters of one then moving to another for a short while for a change of pace.  It is just amazing I have the concentration and patience to read again for the first time in years.

Maggie and I have slept off and on for most of the day power napping.  I gave Maggie two whole Poptarts a few days ago and watched as she took each outside to bury them for later.  It has rained since then so imagine my joy when she brought in a soggy Poptart through the dog door that was falling apart as she carried it.  Luckily, she cleaned up after herself eating every morsel.  It was pretty gross.

Dad and I have talked several times on the phone about the weather today.  It never got above 35 degrees here today according to my wireless weather station and that is unheard of this deep in the South.  We have a hard freeze warning out for tonight (19 degrees) so I will most likely check my pipes in the basement and continue to finish putting the insulation on Charlie brought me.  I will also let an outside faucet run slightly tonight just as a precaution.  Friday it may not get out of the twenties.   We haven’t seen this kind of cold since 1899!

Late last night I was sitting at my computer as my left arm went numb.  This is a sign my medication has run out and my schizophrenia is about to act up.  My injection of Risperdal is this Tuesday and I eagerly await it.  If I can just make it a few more days, then I will be over the hill so to speak.   I also had a period of giddiness and euphoria yesterday mental illness induced.  I LOVED IT!  Food tasted better.  Smoking was ten times more enjoyable.   Listening to classical music was like an orgasm.  Do “normal” people feel this way from time to time and thus do not need drugs to feel better?  Is that why addicts are caught so firmly in the grip of substances as they lack this normal mental ability?  I don’t know, but it sure felt good.  I wouldn’t mind it happening again today if fate would so have it.  I love anything that makes me feel abnormal in a good way.  It’s my Achilles heel.  


Hap Joy Free said...

I would LOVE to see what that pop tart looked like!! Good god, burying it for future use!! LOL! Dogs are something else.

Isnt it time for another Maggie video? Give her another pop tart, then follow her outside to see if she can dig thru the frozen tundra and bury it. It will be her future "tart-cicle".

Andrew said...


Maggie's got a bad habit of doing that. Some dogs don't. The other day it was a block of moldy cheese she brought in. I can't remember the last time I gave her cheese! LOL Mom hasn't bought it for me in several weeks cause it is so expensive.

I will get another Maggie video up asap dear friend!


Hap Joy Free said...

isnt it amazing that she can remember where she buried her treasures? I guess her nose knows. Dogs have such a greater sense of smell, but, alas, she has a lower taste in the items she eats. I mean after all, who would possibly eat a rotten, moldy wedge of cheese without a nice bottle of Chianti?


Summer said...

I was reading an article about this winter's weather yesterday. It looks as if you in the deep south and me in the mid atlantic are in for it, especially if the cold air stays in place. It promises to be stormy, which I know you will love. I told my husband that I'm going to the store and stock up the freezer and pantry, so I won't have to run to the store if bad weather is predicted.

Andrew said...


Me and dad are both excited and said so on the phone today. We may get the S word on Thursday. The computer weather models are still waffling this far out. You can bet I've been glued to all my favorite weather blogs lately. I check them on the hour for any more information on the cold and snow!

Cheryl said...

I haven't checked the forecast but it's COLD here and so windy. I'll take it one day at a time.

Coffee is my drug. It makes me euphoric. I wish I could have it everyday, but I can't handle it at work, alas.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

We're even cold down here at Kennedy Space Center!!

They are predicting a freeze (32) for the next two or three nights - and highs in the 50's. I'm ready to get out my snow boots!


justLacey said...

I think the answer to your giddiness question is yes. Normal people do have them, they just aren't mental illness induced. Perhaps yours wasn't either, but I will take any feelings like that I can get. This was a terrible year for us. I hope it's over.