Monday, January 18, 2010

God Bless Martin Luther King…

Today marks George’s first week of sobriety.  Honestly, I would have never thought he would make it this far.  George was such a heavy drinker; its tendrils entwined in every aspect of his life.

George brought a 12 pack of Coca-Colas this morning instead of a case.  We talked mainly about Martin Luther King and segregation in the South.

“I was too young to remember segregation,” George told me. “But momma remembers it well.”

“What does she say about it?” I asked, extremely interested.

“She’s always talking about how hard it was to find a negro bathroom when traveling in the South.  They always kept a roll of toilet paper in the car and would often have to go in the woods on the side of the road.  She said it would be around Kentucky before you started to see integrated bathrooms.”

“That must have been so demeaning,” I replied with a look of consternation on my face.

“She also says it took her years to trust white people,” George added.

“But she has just embraced me!” I replied emphatically.

“Momma says you’re different from most white people,” George said. “She says from what you’ve been through that you’re color blind and don’t judge people.”

I wish I could be such a Saint,” I thought.  I am still extremely distrustful of the shady looking black people that walk by my house all day long.  My car getting stolen that Christmas three years ago forever altered my trusting and aloof nature. 

George had probably yawned five times in a row when I told him to head home and get some sleep.  I knew Mrs. Florene would have a big breakfast cooked and I envied him of that.   I bid George farewell and urged him to go to a meeting with me tonight.  He said he would think about it after some good sleep. 


justLacey said...

I am glad George made it through his first week. I hope he takes you up on your offer to go to a meeting. I think it would be good for both of you.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

Thank you. i loved listening to this excahnge.

I think you are a ? 'good' person Andrew. You have a good heart. You are a naturally generous and gentle human being. yes we all have our moments, but you have a lovely spirit. So I agree with George.

ah bless. Good for you for trying to help. attraction not promotion is hard when we care a lot about those that are suffering, so good luck, and I hope the meeting is good for you tomorrow regardless of how things turn out :)

Joy Heather said...

I too am colour blind..what difference does skin make ????..i HATE discrimination of any sort, Colour,Disability,Financial..anything that singles some one out as different by some sad folk..I have a disabled daughter..who has got a husband & family and does EVERYTHING for them,by their own admittance they wouldn't cope without her..she is always happy and has a great sense of humour..If you didn't see her chair you wouldn't know..Its so sad that in this day and age colour can still be an excuse for rudeness and hate..its the ones that dish it out that are the real saddo's..just ignorant..we are all the same under the skin...poor Mrs Florene if she was subjected to that sort of thing in her younger must be a hard thing to forget..Its the small minded provincial little nobodies who are the real dregs on todays society..the ones who haven't got the intelligence to see BEYOND the colour of someones skin or the real person in the wheelchair..or that think been poor meakes one inferior...i think it is they who are mental dwarfs...Sorry if i sound a bit angry is a subject that always makes me angry..discrimination of any sort...i will gp and have a pill and calm down now..LoL (only joking about the pill)

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