Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Death and Destruction Channel. A Rant…

I used to love The Weather Channel.  I could watch for hours.  Those days are long gone with it’s acquisition by NBC.  I was talking to dad last night about my frequently calling it the death and destruction channel these days.  It is increasingly becoming a news channel and not a weather channel.

“Death and destruction draws viewers and sells advertisement slots,” dad said in response. 

“I know,” I replied miffed. “But I want a detailed forecast and the radar.  Not wall to wall destruction in Haiti.  It seems The Weather Channel’s parent company, NBC, has a better infrastructure in Haiti than the whole of that nation’s government these days.”

Dad laughed.

It’s true, though.  Last night’s Weather Center only had a smidgen of instances of forecasts or local weather.  They concentrated on panning out to Mike Sidel in California who was on mudslide watch; just waiting for houses to slide off the hillside.   And the gross hyperbole?  Don’t get me started.  Alexandra Steele you should be ashamed.  

Well, I will quit this rant.  I feel better now.  At least channel 12 out of Montgomery has a 24 hour radar with NOAA weather radio playing in the background.  It has been my saving grace these days as far as my weather news consumption is concerned.  I also wouldn’t know what to do without Internet weather these days as well.    


Summer said...

Alexandra Steele started out here on our local news. The husband was in love with her and heart broken when she left.

Leann said...

Here here Andrew.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely!!! How is it the reporters have their noses in every aspect of Haiti before the help arrives?? Mary...Ox
Ps...I like the local weather channels on attenna tv. It is just the map and the NOAA voice giving the forecast. It is one of the reasons I got a tv again