Saturday, January 9, 2010

Computer Stuff…

I haven’t had anti-virus protection on my computers in years.  I’ve just always been careful about what I download and what websites I visit.  Well, as luck would have it, after getting my new hard drive, I backed up my C: drive onto my new hard drive using Windows backup and restore.  The same day I got several Trojans downloading a program designed to help you back up your iPod.  I should have known a free program to do such a thing was too good to be true when all the others were going for $30 dollars.  Well, within minutes I had my computer back up and running using the restore DVD Windows 7 had made. Whew!

Now, I have anti-virus running.  I gave in and relented despite most anti-virus programs being resource hogs.  The program I downloaded was free and offered by Google.  So far, it has worked like a charm and surprisingly is not a resource hog.  Thank God for Google and their ever farther reaching hand when it regards computers, web apps, and software.  Now I have some peace of mind. 

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Leann said...

I may have to try the Google one. I have tried several and they slow my computer down sooooooo much. I don't know if adding more memory to my computer will fix the problem, but it's terribly frustrating!