Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breakfast Bachelor Food…

It never tastes or looks as good as it does on the box.

008 copy

After cooking.  Not very appetizing, huh?  I am going to make sandwiches out of the meatloaf when it cools.

009 copy


geelizzie said...

haha-if they showed you what it really looked like they wouldn't sell a single one! Just like when you get a fast food hamburger, it looks nothing like the picture on the menu.

Andrew said...


So true! I got a Big Mac the other day and it was a sloppy mess - nothing like on the television commercials! Mom buys me these meals every week thinking it is more wholesome than sandwiches and Chefboyardee. I have a glut of them in the freezer now. They are a last resort.