Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bone Shattering Cold…

As I sit here, my weather station reads nineteen degrees.  Just as they forecasted.  We are looking at a possible four inch snow event on Thursday night and Friday morning.  The forecast models are still gelling the details and you can imagine the meteorologists in the South are being cautious to announce it.  Snow in the South means pandemonium and will shut this small town down until it melts.  Those of you that have read me a long, long time can just imagine my excitement!

Mom called me very early this morning.   She’s having a very, very hard time mentally after the holidays.  “You’re mother is wild!” dad told me last night as mom was in my bathroom.  That’s the reason mom came over with dad.  He’s not letting her out of his sight till she feels better.  He’s afraid she will do something rash.  Dad’s got his hands full with me and mom, huh?

“I’m out of Diet Cokes,” mom told me on the phone this morning frantically.  “I don’t know what is wrong with me!  I am so sorry.”

My heart slumped and so did my spirits.  All morning long I have been anticipating the drive over and the joy of drinking that first can.  This is incredibly uncharacteristic of mom and shows she is not doing well.  She normally doles out my cokes and keeps cases stocked with a Nazi like tenacity.

“You go back to bed,” I told her. “You are going to wake dad and he is exhausted after Christmas and working yesterday.  Don’t worry about it.  You need to rest.  Take your Xanax.”

I hung up the phone and settled back into my morning routine of listening to audiobooks as I toodled around the web on my computer.   The phone then rang again.

“I found seven Coke Zeros in the fridge in the basement,” mom told me excitedly.  “I will leave them on the porch!”

My spirits lifted.  I hung up the phone and exclaimed, “YES!”  Mom had saved the day.   I was going to do a little video called “The Journey for Coke Zero”, but had second thoughts when I thought of driving while taking a video.  And you think George’s incessant drinking and driving was bad.  This post will have to suffice.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.


Irishcoda said...

Hi Andrew, enjoy your Sunday and stay warm. It is SO COLD here and the wind is so fierce! I think a lot of people struggle so much with the holidays. I hope your mom feels better soon. I've been spiraling down quite a bit too, trying to pull back up.

Andrew said...


They do! There has been a lot of holidays I just couldn't participate. The holidays are so stressful on all of us on top of being enjoyable as well. I am thinking of you. Lean on me if you need me.