Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Working Man...

George has had his job at Wal-Mart distribution for over a year now.  Nobody could be more surprised than I.  I always worried he would get too drunk to make it in to work and get fired.  He’s been late a few times, but his supervisor lets him get away with it being kind and understanding.

George arrived in the dark this morning after getting off of work early with a 12 twelve pack of cheap beer and a bag from his mother to me.  He knew I would be up.  He had called on his cellphone to make sure. 

“It’s just some leftover fresh vegetables and ranch dip from Christmas,” George said. “I won’t eat that rabbit food and momma says she can’t chew them good with her dentures.”

“I sure wish I had some of your mother’s sweet tea,” I replied wistfully.

“I’ll go get you some after I drink my beer,” George told me with a grin.  “Momma would be thrilled to know you like her tea so much.”

“No, no, no,” I replied, worried about George driving drunk too much.  “She does make the best tea, though.”

George sat in my Lazy Boy and made himself comfortable.  I put on a DVD of season 6 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  I navigated the DVD with the remote until we got to the point we left off before Christmas.  It was good to settle back into our routines.

“Workin’ for da man fuckin’ sucks,” George said grimly. “I miss my taxi service.”

“You’re lucky,” George furthered.  “You don’t have to work.  You have Daddy Warbucks to take care of you.”

The air of jealousy in George’s voice was unmistakable.  

“I’d like to work,” I replied.  “I’d like to just be able to buy a Diet Coke without it being monkeys in a barrel.”

George laughed at my monkeys in a barrel remark.

“I’ve told you many times to just leave,” he said.  “Take Maggie and move to Nashville and live in the Mission until you can get on your feet.  You have a car that can make it and you’re smart and cunning when you want to be.  You’re not as helpless as you put on.”

Yes, I’ve thought about doing that many times.  Mainly when I get mad at dad.  He would spare no expense to find me though.  He would come and get me, and force me home. 

George and I both got quiet as we sat and watched one of the better episodes of Deep Space Nine – an epic starship battle.  It was so nice to have company even if my company was getting three sheets to the wind.   The two hour episode was over in a flash and George had gotten his last beer out of the fridge.

“One for the road,” he said, slurring his words.

“I wish you’d let me drive you home,” I replied, worried.

George wouldn’t have any of that and I watched as he drove off.  Just another morning in the life of Andrew with unconventional George.  I do love that man deeply as a friend, though. 


Judy said...

You are a great writer. I enjoy your blog so much.

PipeTobacco said...


Excellent writing as always! Yes, it is good to have George as a friend. I am glad the compromise situation works well for both of you.


Joy Heather said...

Glad you had a good & relaxing time with George..i can't get over how relaxed the Police must be over there Andrew !!!..during the Christmas & New Year holidays they are out in force over here..just looking out for Drink Drivers..and heaven help them when they do get them, it can even mean imprisonment...you see very few cars out here with folk over the limit at this time of year...George wouldn't have stood a chance....they know folk drink a lot in the Hols..and are out looking for them...i was stopped twice last year (but hadn't drank)..this year i cant drive at the minute because of my Knee..so i can get happily plastered...lol

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Sheesh, Andrew - I think ol' George is just trying to yank your chain! Go back a little bit and read your post you wrote about what mom and dad do for ya. This is family taking care of family! It's the way things are supposed to work, damnit!

Where in the world would George be is his sweet momma didn't take such good care of him? He'd starve to death without her great cooking!

Don't let him fool you - we all rely on someone. I'd be lost without my pups and my husband!

Remind Maggie how much you love her!

justLacey said...

I don't see you as helpless at all. It has taken a while for you to realize that life is about sacrifices. Sometimes you have to give up something you want to have what you need. Everyone has to do it. People that say that don't, just don't see it. Everyone makes the choices they have to, to get what they want or need. I think you have had to give up some of your freedoms to have the security that allows you to deal with coping with your mental illness. Life hands all of us challenges and you have worked through yours to get to this point. You are not in a bad place. George gives up what security he could have to get drunk every day. It's his choice. If he were really that jealous, he would change.

~Christina~ said...

there will be NO talk of your hitting the road. What would WE, your blogging family do without your daily postings?

and Maggie videos?

Now enough of this baloney.....did ya hit any deer today ;-)


mommy2twogirls said...

Hey! Just keep reminding yourself that you have a warm house and a roof over your head. And your parents do help take care of you but that's okay they love you and only want the best for you. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with George, but just remember to take what he says sometimes with a grain of salt.

mommy2twogirls said...

Hey! Just keep reminding yourself that you have a warm house and a roof over your head. And your parents do help take care of you but that's okay they love you and only want the best for you. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with George, but just remember to take what he says sometimes with a grain of salt.

Joy Heather said...

I love to read your Blog Andrew..its always interesting and very readable...i agree with some of the other comments George is just trying to rile you...whats more he would miss you if you did leave..you must know that,and you really are doing so well !!. Please re read your blog of the 20th December..see what you said about your Mom & dad and some of the comments of your friends.....I also think Your parents going away for a little while also shows the trust they have in your capabilities nowadays, I know they are having folk check on you..but thats just part of the care they have for you...Keep strong my dear friend..you are doing brilliantly, and will get even stronger the more steps you take...let the New Year be a real turning point for you...you have come SO VERY FAR....hugs to you & Maggie..keep strong.

mommy2twogirls said...

Yes, Andrew, we all would miss you, so just don't listen to George. By the way, left you a message about J... on FB, have you read it yet.

LM said...

justLacey said it beautifully, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

As a parent and grandparent, I have to say...."Friends don't let friends drive drunk". It's all cutsie cutsie until he kills someone. That someone could be me...or my child, or my friend. Or your mother coming over in the middle of the night to bring you cokes.

I would re-think letting him drive again, Andrew.

Just a thought.

Leann said...

It is easy to make judgments about other people's lives until we walk a mile in their shoes. You've done wonderfully Andrew and while I realize it must be difficult at times to have your parents interference in your life, you are fortunate to have what many don't.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Leann, give me a break. I never said he wasn't doing a good job. I just gave him something to think about. Unlike some of you, I don't mince words. Sometimes you have to say it straight. In no way was I being mean. I was telling it like it is. It's a VERY important subject. Life or Death.

I live with a man who killed someone while driving drunk. It's changed his life forever. Not to mention the family who lost their father/son/brother. He has nightmares 20+ years later and the guilt has eaten him up. So stuff it if you don't like what I say.

If it hurts someones feelings then so be it. Dead is forever.

Anonymous said...

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