Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whole Body Massage...

"I have to go see Connie, today," mom told me over the phone this morning. "I always worry about the small talk."

I chuckled. "Me and you are just alike," I told her emphatically.

"Hey?" I said excitedly.


"I'll drive you and we'll get us a bag of Fritos and a Diet Coke afterwards!"

"That sounds wonderful!" mom replied and told me she would pick me up at 2.

Mom went on and on about Connie and what she has done for her over the years.

"She got me out of pain.  I couldn't walk."

Dad says Connie is just a glorified body massage and an expensive one at that.  Technically, she is called soft tissue therapy.  This drives momma nuts.

"I hate it when your father say's that!"

Mom went on and on about what me going with her meant to her when we got back to my house.

"I get lonely over in that big house of ours all day!"

It warmed me heart and did it good.  I love you, mom!


justLacey said...

I worry about the small talk too sometimes. I'm going because I want to relax, not talk.

Joy Heather said...

It is heartwarming to read about your relationship with your Mom Andrew..makes me miss my own Mom so only have one Mom...Take care of she does you.