Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temptations I do not Need...

My only side effect from my medications and the schizophrenia these days is constant drooling like a baby.  I will be sitting at the computer and drool will just pour out of the corner of my  mouth and down my shirt.  I will quickly grab a tissue and wipe my face.  It can be very disconcerting and aggravating.   It is the lessor of other evils as far as my schizophrenia goes, though.

George stopped by yesterday for the first time in weeks.  He doesn't come by anymore cause I won't let him drink inside.  He asked me yesterday why I was so militant about it.  He loved to sit in my Lazy Boy and drink while watching TV until he was well oiled.

"I don't need the temptation," I told him yesterday.  "I would love nothing more than to just get fucked up with you.  Just yesterday I had ten dollars and it was all I could muster to not drive down to Fat Albert's and get a twelve pack."

"I want the old times back," George replied. "Those days where me and you would just sit and drink for hours and shoot the shit."

"That's what scares me," I said. "I do too!"

I told Charlie the other day that I needed new pillows for my bedroom and computer room.  He came last night bearing these memory foam monstrosities.  

"They were the best money can buy," he told me. "They're memory foam."

Last night, it was like sleeping on the great Giza Plateau Pyramid.  They were so poofy.  I found myself gravitating back to my old flat pillows late in the wee hours of the morning.  I didn't like sleeping on Mount Hood. 


Summer said...

My son wanted one of those for years. I finally got him one and he hates it!

Jenn said...

I just got one of those too and I'm not a fan. It was an $80 pillow and I only got it because my sister and her son both hated it. I think someday I need to invest in a gold ole down pillow. I hear those are worth the money.

Andrew said...

Summer! LOL! Ain't that just like a kid? I would probably do the same.

Jenn? You know what would be opulent? A down pillow top mattress cover. Oh, I can only dream of the decadence! Sleeping in blissville!

Joy Heather said...

Have they changed your meds recently Andrew ?? i have only just heard of you having this problem with drooling ??..i'd have a word with the Doc, it must be annoying.
I love the memory foam pillows I recently got myself a memory foam mattress is bliss, really helps my arthritis..but they are not everyones cup of tea. The drink thing is hard especially at this do what you know is best for you.

Andrew said...

Joy, they haven't changed my meds recently. I just haven't talked much about the drooling. I keep hoping it will go away on it's own.

skinny minny said...

I hated mine at first too but now wouldn't go back to anything else. tough to get used things like good posture but once you do you feel so much better.

Andrew said...

skinny minny, I will have to give them another try tonight, but I'm not so sure of the results. I hate not using them with what Charlie paid for them.

PipeTobacco said...


I wonder if there is a compromise position that you could adopt so that you *could* have more time with George?

What if you were to allow him to drink, but that he must NEVER leave any alcohol behind when he departs?

If I recall from your posts earlier this fall, when he did that, there wasn't any problem for you... it only seemed to be difficult when he left some behind and you had to deal with it at that time.

This may be a way to give yourself the best of both worlds... more camaraderie with George, and still having the temptation not be present when it is especially difficult.

Just a thought,


Andrew said...

Pipe, maybe such a compromise could work. I will mull it over today. I dearly miss George and his antics. He was always good for a good belly laugh. I really don't mind the drinking that much to be honest. I just scared of starting back after all I've accomplished. I just can't afford to drink with the medications I take. Thank you dear sir for your continued patronage of my blog.