Friday, December 11, 2009

Something's Missing. Something's Interesting...

I've been reading over some of my old posts - posts with Carolyn and Rosa.  Maybe I write better with a woman in my life, but something seems missing on the blog these days.  I mainly only write about food and family.  I miss my life being so vibrant and alive.  And my writing is horrible and hurried these days including this post.  I thought the old saying was that you get better with practice?  Certainly not regarding me and my writing.

I wish you all could have seen Maggie strut her stuff on our walk this morning.  She is truly in her element on these walks.  She will also continually look over her shoulder to see if I'm still there.  "I'm not going to leave you," I will constantly tell her.

They are tearing down the grand old cotton mill for scrap.  It saddens me and fills me with melancholy.  It's been there for 150 years and been such an icon of our little town.  I feel as if we are being raped and pillaged by carpetbaggers.  The company still exists.  Just overseas.  That saddens me as well as American workers weren't "cheap" enough.  Lives were uprooted and destroyed when they shipped everything over the pond so to speak.

In other news, my neighbors have chickens.  I've been hearing a rooster crow all during the day lately as I sit in then den.  Well, yesterday, my neighbor asked me to jump off his car and I saw the rooster with a brood of hens in a big pen in the backyard.  This is highly illegal within the city limits.  I admire his pioneering spirit and panache, and total disregard for that silly law.


Joy Heather said...

I dont find your blog/writing boring at all..i enjoy it..i dont think a woman in your life would make it any better...just different at times..but most women enjoy talking about everyday things anyway...well this one does !!
Well done to the guy with the chickens..some silly laws are meant to be broken.

mago said...

Photos of the mill?

alphabet soup said...

Its a sad day when part of any towns history disappears. Only recently your town and the old cotton mills were mentioned in one of our newspapers here in Australia and I knew about them from the photos and your posts in the past.

Keep writing your posts Andrew I look forward each day to seeing what has happened in you part of the world.
Ms Soup

Leann said...

It is sad when history disappears. Something that has been around that long holds history and the spirit of what America is. It is too bad they could not have turned it into a museum of sorts.

PipeTobacco said...


I do not think your posts are "boring" as you suggest. I think your posts are simply reflecting your current "homebody" nature presently. When you once again venture out more into areas away from your home (be it with Dumpster Dan, or at a store, or people watching at a restaurant, or engaging in adventures, or whatever) your writing will reflect that.

Your writing is a reflection of you at the time you write it. That is what it is supposed to be.


Irishcoda said...

I enjoy your blog. It's not people who make someone a better writer, it's the person himself or herself. Everyone goes through cycles, you know? I agree w/what Pipe Tobacco said about writing being a reflection of us at the time we write it. That's really a shame about the mill. :P