Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Plot Thickens...

"Your neighbor's dealing drugs," George told me this morning as he looked out my den window while gulping an ice cold Milwaukee's Best Ice beer.  "I just know these street kind of things."

"What makes you think so?" I then asked.

"I've counted ten cars that have come by and left this morning," he said. "A'int nobody so fuckin' popular as to have ten friends come by at 7:30 in the morning."

"And look at that Jaguar with the $2000 dollar chrome rims," George then said with a frown.  "That's a drug dealers car.  And his house sucks.  Nigga drug dealers always have crappy houses and nice cars."

"That explains the police detective's car sitting in the driveway for an hour yesterday," I replied back.  "It is all so strange."

"Watch your shit," George told me just making me worry.  "Crackheads are people of the most un-trustable sort - nasty people. They'll steal yo shit in a heartbeat."

"Great!" I thought as I sat there with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  All this on top of my car getting stolen Christmas day two years ago.   It was working wonders for my schizophrenia induced paranoia. 


mago said...

Relax. These people must know that they are watched by police. So the worst they need is to bring up or irritate the neighbour, who in turn would call the police etc.etc. - all bad for business.
Hope your house is warm, doggie is well and everything falls in the right place, at least for some (holy)days.

Cheryl said...

Mago has a good point. I love your stories!

Anonymous said...

Next thing we know you're dumb ass will be dealing drugs too. you will be dumb enough to write about it as well. I still can't believe you pirated movies and wrote about it publicly on your blog. What a dumb ass!

mago said...

Another brave anonymous.

Joy Heather said...

probably the same anonymous as all the others..delete & ignore.

We have had SNOW today..must post some pics..thought of you,some rural parts of the U.K. are snowbound and cut off at the moment..hope it clears a little before Boxing day i am hoping to go to my daughters then..she lives down South and it is pretty bad in her village..but this country seems so useless when it comes to dealing with adverse weather conditions...a bit of snow and we come to a virtual looks pretty & is great if you are not going out..butcan be a nightmare when you have to travel..hope you get some soon..Take Care Andrew.

Dee said...

I agree Joy, delete and ignore anonymous!

Andrew, it would be horrible if your neighbor is dealing drugs! Hopefully that is not the case. And if it is the case, hopefully they will move away due to police presence.

PipeTobacco said...


I have received the H1N1 vaccination over a month ago... no problems, not even as minor as a sore arm.

As far as the drug dealer issue... there isn't a whole heckuva lot you can do about it. It is unfortunate, but it is everywhere. I would simply try to ignore it as best you can and make sure you have your home and vehicle doors locked.

I would perhaps differ from others here in my opinion of the anonymous comments... some of them have been very nice and helpful... others like the yahoo above... well, they are NOT helpful... but they sure as hell provide some comic relief.

If I were you, I would keep the ability to post anonymous comments, with the caveat that you view them at face value... they *can* give some people the ability to comment in a genuine, valuable manner, but they also allow some to gripe... and these should be disregarded, or laughed at.


Maire said...

OMG, delete those stupid asshat cowardly anon comments, obviously somebody who has nothing better to do then to annoy people.
Try to not worry, the police I'm sure will be busting their skanky drug dealing butts soon.

Andrew said...

Mago, I agree, the police have already driven by three times this morning watching his house. Dad knows his father and his father once told dad that he was going to cut off his penis. He was bad about womanizing. I told dad about it and he says it is just lots of girls. That's A LOT of girls coming by. LOL Dad's been the optimist lately.

Cheryl, thank you. I love your stories as well. I love reading your blog and about your life. I admire you a whole hell of a lot.

Anon, I don't think I will be dealing drugs soon. I am too paranoid about such things. I smoked pot once and I was so paranoid that I thought I was going crazy. And I was.

Dee, George has extensive "street" knowledge and knows certain things. I fear he is right about the drug dealing. The police have been really busy, though, so lets hope they take care of the issue.

Pipe, that is nice to know about H1N1 vaccination. My brother, the doctor, encouraged me to get it and I got it when I got my Risperdal injection in the ole derierre. Anonymous comments are here to stay. I am not going to take the feature away or censor anyone. I rather find them amusing in a way.

Maire, let's hope so. We have a good, justice serving and honest police department being a small town. I hope they take care of the problem. I think Mago is right in that the dealers wouldn't want to disrupt their operations by bringing forth the ire of an angry neighbor.

Andrew said...

Joy, you've gotten SNOW!!!!!! I am so jealous. It is just going to be rain her for Christmas and lots of it. I am a weather fanatic and keep up with the forecasts fanatically. We have been inundated with rain lately though with lots of flooding. I know they had some flooding in the UK recently as well. Take care dear friend and Merry Christmas to you and your family.