Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Orange Drink Dilemma…

“Don’t leave all that orange drink where dad can see it!” Mom said forbiddingly this morning standing at my front door.  “Hide six in your cabinets.”

“Why?” I asked, confused.

It was just 12 cans of Wal-Mart early rise orange drink.  Innocuous at best.  It is sugar free, no caffeine, and has lots of vitamin C.

“Your father will act funny about it,” mom said assuredly. “I may get in trouble for you having so much at one time.”

I scoffed.  Surely dad wouldn’t say something about that!  I had to eat my own words, though.

“What are you doing with all that orange drink?” dad asked as he stood in my kitchen this morning after stopping by to see if I shaved and got myself cleaned up.

“Mom always buys them for me,” I replied, wary of what was about to unfold.

“Too many at one time,” he said gruffly.  “I will talk to your mother.  You will drink them all at one time.”

LOL!!!  Mom was right.  I will listen to her from now on.  I probably caused her more problems than needed.  I am sure I will get a call from her this afternoon. 


Christina said...

I understand your Dad's fear. I too am kinda worried about your not sleeping, being up at all hours. Are you getting enough hours of sleep? Oh I am acting like your mom when Im about the same age.

Just worried for ya, hun. Happy day at a time...

Andrew said...

Hey Christina,

I'm going through one of my insomnia phases. I can only sleep around 3 hours at a time. That's why I moved to the couch hoping I would sleep better. Thanks for the concern. Happy New Year's to you.


Anonymous said...

There is a song from the 70's that states,"too much of anything is just enough".Well maybe not anything but some things.Hell Andrew,it's New Years!Have an orange soda with some vanilla ice cream for me!Happy New Year!
Thanks for another year of making me smile,of making me think.
Love to you and Maggie,
Billie in Mo.

Andrew said...

Thank you so much Billie for the kindest of words. Love to you as well.

Jonathon Andrew

Golden To Silver Val said...

yep, you need to remember your mom has known your dad a lot longer than you have and following her advice is in your best interest. She probably won't be buying you so many now. I sure wish your dad would give you a chance to prove that you're not a little kid and can have SOME self-control. You can....can't you, Andrew? Happy new year...keep it up, you're doing very well!!

glittergirl said...

oh, those bouts of insomnia are rough. folks who haven't truly experienced it have no idea.

you're doing the best thing by just riding it out. your body will eventually sleep again.

Andrew said...


That's so true. Mom does know best. About dad....he's been around an addict, me, for too long. He knows giving just an inch will lead to disaster as I can be so conniving and cunning when it comes to my addictions. I wish I had better self control. I have just resigned myself to this is how it is supposed to be. Happy New Year's to you and yours.

Andrew said...


Good news to hear! I hope I can sleep again. I just took a two hour nap and feel better for a total of five hours sleep today. Now, if I can just get two more before dad comes tonight.