Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even More Fretting…

Mom called me as soon as they got home from Washington D.C.  I had left a message on her answering machine earlier in day telling her I loved her and how proud of her I was for doing all that for my brother and nieces. I also asked her to call as soon as they got in.   She didn’t say we’re home safe, I love you, or are you okay? She immediately asked, “Are you hungry?  I know you are out of groceries and today was grocery day.  I bet you are starving.”

“I ate my last can of Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee today,” I replied. “Charlie’s been feeding me well, though, at night.”

“But you’ve only had one can to eat all day!” She said with an emphasis on all day.

“I’m fine,” I tried to assure her. “I am actually not very hungry at the moment.”

“I am having your father bring you over something to eat,” she told me, ignoring my last statement.  “He won’t let me drive tonight.  He will bring you a hamburger and fries when he brings your medications.”

I chuckled.  I’m sure dad loved hearing that after spending all day traveling.

My thoughts turned to Diet Cokes.  Oh, how I just wanted 24 or more Diet Cokes to drink after going without them for four days.

“Can I come get some cokes?” I asked sheepishly, worried it would be too much on mom.

“You haven’t had your cokes this week?”

“No,” I replied.

“I told Charlie to bring them to you!” she said sounding frantic. “I can’t understand why he wouldn’t!”

“I guess he just forgot and I was too shy to press the issue.  I didn’t want to put him out,” I replied. 

“Come over now and get them,” mom then said. “I am giving you eight since you’ve been without.  Just don’t tell your father I gave you so much at one time.  He will jump all over me!”

I smiled as we said our goodbyes.  I never did get an I Love You out of mom.  The devil’s in the details for her.   It was good to have them home despite the complications that entail.  It’s been a quiet, too quiet, past four days.  I was overjoyed at mom’s fretting and to have them home safe and sound.  Let’s get things back to normal around here.



Happy New Year, Andrew! I love the colors here. Sorry I've been away for so long.

and remember, actions speak louder then words. :) (do I totally sound like a mom?)


Andrew said...


I've missed you and your sense of humor! Happy New Year's to you too. Mom's will be mom's eh?

Christina said...

boy 8 diet cokes!! whoo hoo...dont go to town on them all, Andrew, lest you will have a *gassy* evening.

Save one for breakfast! burrpppp!

Andrew said...


I know! I am living high on the hog tonight! It's like your drug dealer giving you an extra crack rock for free! lol

Leann said...

I know how much you can miss family even when they try your patience.

mommy2twogirls said...

Be careful with all the diet cokes, the caffeine may keep you up all night! lol It must be bliss! I so rarely drink a soda anymore, that when I do it tastes soooooo good! Back in the summer and early fall, I would get a craving and pile the kids in the car and make a run for the McD's about three miles away from our house. You know they've got the $1 cokes...boy I would get a large and it would be gone by the time I got home. Glad to see your parents made it home safely. I hope they had a good visit with your brother.
Happy New Year!

Andrew said...


I am hopelessly addicted to Diet Cokes. It's my new obsession and "drug". I only have a few drugs I take these days. Caffeine, nicotine, and the myriad of mental wellness medications I take. Happy New Years to you too! Give the kids a hug for me.

Andrew said...

So true Leann, so very true!!!