Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mississippi, Where Salvation Lies...

I ate breakfast with George and Mrs. Florene this morning.  At one point, Mrs. Florene pulled me to the side. 

"Have you found a treatment center?" she asked.

"I found one in Mississippi that was free, but you have to work in their thrift store."

"What's the problem?" she then asked me.

"It is faith based," I replied. "You and I both know George's opinion on religion. I don't think George would go and it is a nine month program."

Mrs. Florene looked so despondent.  I assured her we will eventually find something.


Joy Heather said...

I hope i'm not upsetting anyone by what i'm going to say...but I think it is so very sad that a place like that is dependant on someone having 'faith' in order to be helped ??..I think they should be open to ALL who need help...after all THAT would show them to be a place that lived by Biblical principles... after all it wasn't the healthy that Jesus healed was it..but the needy (in all ways)...I do hope you find somewhere for George soon.

Joy Heather said...

sorry i meant Christians..not healthy in the last comment..Joy

forsythia said...

How about "Rational Recovery?" This organization has a website you could check out.