Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maggie has a Fetish!

And it is for pecans.  She gathers them outside, brings them through the dog door, and crunches on them for what seems like hours in the den.  She actually eats them and that's why she hasn't been eating her dog food lately.  The crunching makes my own teeth hurt when I hear it!

Early this morning, I got up to take a whizz and I stepped on one in the hallway.   "@!#$%!" I screamed.  I hurt so badly on my sock covered feet and I almost busted my ass. 

You should see me getting out the vacuum to vacuum up the empty shells.  It is a labor of love.   I want her to be happy, though.  I don't protest too much.  Well, maybe a little.  It's a mess!


Joy Heather said...

I imagine they would be good for her Andrew...but i'm not too sure about the shells..i suppose she spits them out, her teeth are strong i am sure, and the chewing will probably help them.

Andrew said...

Joy, I worried about the teeth. Maggie can really crunch on them and they are hard as rocks. Well, I guess she loves her monthly ham bone and does with it so pecans shouldn't be a problem.

tigercrush said...

My dog loves pecans and has always eaten them. I've experienced the same sharp pain from finding shell pieces on the floor...with the tender soles of my feet. ouch!