Monday, December 21, 2009

A Quizzical Creature...

"I've got to go home and answer questions. It happens every night," dad told me of mom as he was walking out the door to head home tonight after our medication ritual.  "She won't let me get in the door good and there they go.  And they can be tough questions as well."

I watched as dad got in his BMW to drive the short distance to their house.  Maggie was standing at the screen door wagging her tail wildly, her nightly food and water ritual completed, sad to see him go.  I hadn't sat down for ten minutes when dad called me on his cellphone talking from his car in the garage.

"She was at the garage door when I pulled in," he said, laughing kindly.

"What did she ask you tonight?" I asked, intrigued immensely.

"It was a tough one about you," dad said.

"What? I am dying to know!" I asked and said.

"She asked what are we are going to do if you drink and eat after midnight," dad replied. "You know you have blood work in the morning and she's taking you to the hospital to get it done.  She's afraid you won't resist your Diet Cokes when you get them in the morning."

"Did you tell her just don't give them to me?  It's rather simple," I told him. 

"I did," dad replied.  "But she volleyed back with what if he eats a sandwich?"

I laughed and dad laughed, too!  My mother is so business-like about such matters.  And can be so anal it's aggravating as well.  We try our hardest to be kindhearted about it.  That's just the way mom ticks.  

Dad told me good night and I was in the bedroom putting on my pajamas when the phone rang again.   Maggie jumped off the bed to run into my computer room where the phone lies.  She can hear mom or dad talking on the other end and gets excited.  

"Andrew, don't eat and drink after midnight, okay?"  My mother said, worried.  "I know you and you can't resist.   Try your best to not do it."

"I promise," I replied.

"Promise?" mom asked.

"Yes, I will do my best.  Good night and I love you."

I hung up the phone and smiled.  I was sitting here a few minutes ago before I started writing and suddenly a sandwich and Diet Coke sounded awfully good!  Just not after midnight.


Lena said...

We moms, we are all alike!

Andrew said...

Lena! You moms, you! Yes, you are and us menfolk all love you all. How would we ever pick a tie to match our dress shirts? hehe