Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fret, Fret, Fretting...

I was standing over at the Apple I-pod display case in Wal-Mart this afternoon looking at the display models.  "It is so tiny to be 160 gigs," I thought of my I-Pod to myself as mom approached me from behind.  We were shopping for a new battery for mom's remote entry remote for her car.  I also got some socks, t-shirts, and blue jeans.

"Are you going to get an iTunes gift card?" she asked me as I turned to look for her coming.  "Don't get an expensive one.  And what if it doesn't work?  You know your father would never let you use his credit card to open an account."

"30 bucks," I replied.

"What?" mom asked. "I don't know what you mean."

"A 30 buck gift card is what I want," I told her. "That will be 3 albums to download."

We were driving to my father's pharmacy to pick up my next few weeks of Diet Cokes afterwards.  I was thinking of all the effort I was going to have to expend to get all those cases of cokes in the trunk.

"You sure you're going to be able to download music with those cards?" mom asked as I drove. "You may need a credit card and I would hate for your I-Pod to not have music. It was so expensive to be useless.   You know your father won't let me have credit cards anymore or I would help you.  He says I always spend too much."

I carefully assured mom I would be able to download music with the card and that I didn't need a credit card.  We drove home and I was just happy to have some ice cold 20 oz Diet Cokes to drink.  I was sort of lost in the moment.  I had other things on my mind other than music and iTunes. 

Well, mom wasn't happy until she physically was able to see me download some songs.  She stood over me as I sat at this computer.

"That was complicated," she said afterwards, sighing. "How do you know how to do all that?"

"I just have an intuition when it comes to computers," I replied.  "Too bad I can't get me a job working on them!"

In other news, I can now download movies legitimately using iTunes and the many gift cards I am getting for Christmas. 


Berryvox said...

Be sure to burn any albums you download to CD. You can't redownload them after the first time. When my computer conked out, I lost about $200-$300 worth of music. :-/

Andrew said...

Berryvox, that is an excellent idea! I once burned my whole CD collection to DVD and it took days. I guard those DVDs with my life! LOL So much freakin' work to do that! I hate you lost all that music. That must have been devastating!