Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cold Motoring...

I ran out to the car to crank it to go get my Diet Cokes. "Christ!" I muttered in blasphemy.  Into the car and it cranked. Heater on full blast I ran back inside.

"You're putting my cokes on the back porch?" I asked mom over the phone.

"They will be out there," she said in response.

See what well orchestrated event we have here?

Well, I flew over to mom and dad's.  The heater was just getting good and warm as I arrived.  I ran up the steps, grabbed my cokes, and flew back down to my warm car.  Home found me shivering in my chilly home as I sipped on my ice cold Diet Cokes. Addict anyone?

1 comment:

Irishcoda said...

This is what I would do for my coffee if I had to. Yeah, we're addicts all right. But it's okay. Diet coke and/or coffee ain't so bad.