Sunday, December 27, 2009


It was a moment I had been waiting for all evening.  I was sitting on the couch longwise looking out the window wistfully as I listened to Twilight on my iPod.   Around the corner, down the street, turned a car on 13th Avenue passing the drug dealer's house to my right.  I waited a moment making sure it was Charlie before exuberantly crying loudly, "CHARLIE'S HERE!!!" for Maggie's sake.  I could hear Maggie bound off the bed whimpering as she turned the corner into the den - sliding as she quickly strode. 

"Uncle Charlie's here," I said again as Maggie looked out the window and yelped with glee and joy.

"Hey Andrew," Charlie said warmly as he walked across my yard after parking out front.  Charlie always calls me affectionately by my middle name and not my first name. 

I was standing at the door with the screen door closed so Maggie couldn't get out in her excitement.  Maggie barked the good bark uncontrollably at Charlie's arrival making Charlie smile broadly as he entered the door.

"Yes, I love you.  You are my special pups," Charlie told Maggie as he bent over and rubbed her neck and back vigorously.

We, all three, settled in on the couch.  Charlie turned to me to ask a question as he looked at my hair. 

"Your hair looks nice tonight," he said admiring his handiwork.  "We will cut it again soon, though."

Charlie went overboard tonight carrying on about Maggie.  Maggie ate up the attention. Charlie then looked at the TV and grimaced.  I knew what he was thinking. 

"What are you watching?" Charlie asked as if he didn't already know.

"The Weather Channel," I replied, waiting for his response.  Charlie hates the weather channel.

"Turn it to Home and Garden TV!"  he said as he laughed.  "I don't see how you and your father watch that damn channel all the time."

"Well, you know our fondness for the weather,"  I said with a quick smile and looking for approval. 

Charlie soon left.  He was in a hurry tonight and normally lingers.   It took Maggie a good thirty minutes to get over his absence.  She pined at the window hoping he would soon come back.   I settled in waiting to pass the hour until my  medications took effect.  I opened the box holding a Big Mac as I sipped on the big extra large cup of sweet tea Charlie had brought.  It was a pleasant evening after all.   I and Maggie both do so love Charlie's visits. 


christina said...

Id like to see how riled up Maggies gets at seeing Charlie. I just love that stuff. I am seriously looking at getting a dog, Andrew, all because I want to have the same love and affection you have with her.

Take another video of her and your home..I love seeing it. Maybe some snow too...LOL..never know!

mago said...

You know that you are not alone here. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Your dear parents let you drive a car by yourself and slip you a few bucks and what do you do? Buy poor drunken George beer! Something loathsome and stupid! Maybe they're giving you too much freedom , tanking up your Honda and letting you run mad dog wild! Since they started micromanaging your diet , you've gone from fat to fit!What if they micromanaged your movements too? Your dad could keep your car garaged at his house and let you drive it only when you are accompanied by a sane adult. Your dad could also take away ALL your street clothes, shoes & jackets, leaving you to run around the house in pjs & sox . For dr visits etc. , some one would bring over crisp clean clothes to be worn only on the trip. That way your parents could control your appearance too! You'd always look like the son of a highly regarded professional!

Andrew said...

Christina! Get a dog! Go by the humane society and get a little mutt! They always make the best pets. And get a dog door for carefree pet ownership. The best thing Charlie did for me was to put in a dog door when he remodeled this house for me. I will get up a video today just for you. Take care dear friend.

Andrew said...

Thank you mago! You are never alone as well. You have me as a friend in need if you ever need me. I thank you.

Andrew said...

Anonymous, they don't don't micromanage my car because it would extremely inconvenient to them. Mom would have to bring my cokes every day. I couldn't come to the drug store to get deodorant and such, the little things I need, meaning dad would have to bring such stuff to me nightly. I do pretty good about my appearances, though, these day so mom and dad don't fret about it. I once went a year without taking a shower I was so depressed about not drinking and about my mental illness. Good thing those day are long gone.

justLacey said...

From now on you are Andrew!

Andrew said...

Andrew it is, Lacey! Good morning to you!