Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Breakfast Call...

No snow this morning much to my disappointment.  The first thing I did when waking was look outside. Bummer!

This morning Mrs. Florene called me. "Pancakes!" she said laughing on the other end.  "I'll be right over!" I replied excitedly.  Breakfast was wonderful and we also had her biscuits with strawberry preserves.

I'm feeling much more myself today. And to close I want to tell Sharyna that I'm here for her, too! And I love you too!


Lena said...

Raw and damp here in New England. I saw some small snow flakes today which quickly melted.

Not a snow lover, but always enjoy the first real snow.

I am so happy to hear you are feeling better today.

Cin said...

We had a touch of snow in November up here in Ohio. But, I think we are supposed to be getting a little this week.
That breakfast sounds wonderful!!