Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Old Running Mill...

Imagine Maggie’s shock when I pulled out the leash yesterday afternoon.  We haven’t walked since before Christmas I don’t think.   Well, Maggie went nuts.  I think she had given up on us ever walking again. 

It was cold yesterday afternoon – bitterly cold.  I had bundled up in layers and worried about Maggie, but she seemed to do fine.  She walks so fast on our little jaunts to keep up with my long gait that she must have warmed up quickly. 

Midway through the walk, I got to feeling ill, though.  A headache came upon me and I felt like I was coming down with a cold – my nose running uncontrollably.   We turned around at about the halfway point and headed home only walking three miles.  It was probably a good thing as I was out of shape and my legs are sore today.  Imagine me walking the full six miles. 

Charlie came last night bearing two 3 piece fish and chips plates from Captain D’s.  He also brought a big cup of sweet iced tea that was delicious.  Maggie and I sat in the den eating our plates as I watched TV. 

One of my biggest disappointments about Charlie coming this week is that he hasn’t been bringing my six Diet Cokes.  I guess mom and dad forgot to tell him.  I have sure missed those six cokes every day and can’t wait till mom gets home.

Mom and dad are taking an early flight home today by the way.

“Your mothers about had it,” dad said on the phone yesterday after calling me. “We’re coming home.”

“Has anything happened?” I asked, concerned.

“Well, your brother and Jennifer needed groceries.  Your mom volunteered to go get some to stock the fridge and their cabinets.  She bought $300 of groceries with her own money.  That is so out of character for her.  I knew then that it was time to come home and for your mother to get in her own bed.”

They get home around 5 PM this afternoon and I can’t wait to see them


Summer said...

I know they had some very cold weather while they were here. We had wind gusts up to 50 mph yesterday.

Cheryl said...

I don't live too far from Summer and indeed, the winds were lively. Three miles of walking after a break is a lot. Especially when it's so cold. I took a 'stroll' the other day. It was good enough for me.

I'm almost over my sugar addiction. If I stay away for a week, it goes away. I hope your mom had a 6-pack ready for you when you see her today.

Have a good day. I'm ready for work. Can't wait till tomorrow afternoon!

Andrew said...

Summer, dad called and said he couldn't believe the cold and the snow still on the ground. I bet it must have been a marvel to see for a Deep South Southerner. That is some nasty windchills going on there.

Andrew said...


I've got to read your blog to find out what is going on tomorrow afternoon. I read yesterday and must have missed it! You sound excited. Aren't addictions hard? I think my terrible headache yesterday was from a lack of caffeine since I'm not getting my Diet Cokes. It has been very hard going without them. Yes, I do hope mom will let me get a six pack this afternoon. That will be so nice to have some ice cold Diet Coke!!!!

Lena said...

Diet coke is such a comfort to me when I am stressed. Although I drink the decaffeinated one if I can find it. I try not to buy it for home, but if I am out I gotta have me one.

And I will share anything on my plate, but please don't sip my diet coke. lol.

Bitter cold and windy here on the east coast yesterday!

Andrew said...


Diet Coke is such a comfort for me too. It is one of the last "drugs" dad will let me imbide other than cigarettes.

Hey, we are looking at some brutally cold air coming in from the artic next weeks. Bundle up and check your pipes for insulation. It is supposed to be in the teens here at night! brrr...

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hm - maybe that craving for tea is to take the place of that missing Diet Coke!

I'm thrilled for you that mom will be home this evening! You two do share a special bond besides the schizophrenia. For some reason, moms always seem to dote on their boys (I sure do).

Have a wonderful reunion with the folks!


Andrew said...

Thanks Grannie! Yes the tea has been a substitute caffeine wise for the diet cokes. I am hopelessly addiction. Better than alcohol, huh? Yes, I am so glad for mom to get home. On top of that, I am out of groceries being Wednesday. We will go tomorrow, though. Take care Grannie and always good to see you comment!!!

Jenn said...

I was out of Diet Pepsi for a couple of days, so I feel your pain! Tell your mom she can come shop for me any time. $300? That's a lot of food!

Andrew said...


I know! That's why dad was so alarmed. She overspends when she isn't doing well mentally. She gets on this manic high and doesn't think she is buying enough. I completely understand her though. I would love to get $300 in groceries! lol

Stephany said...

Glad they are coming home, and things will be a little bit back to regular schedules etc, I agree the headache could be from the lack of caffeine, it happened to me when I went a couple of days w/out coffee!

Andrew said...


It will be soooo good to have them home and to get back into a normal schedule. I agree about the caffeine.

Cheryl said...

Hi Again,
I'm just excited because I only work a half day tomorrow. You're not missing anything :) The salon is open till 2:30. Most of my co-workers took the week off. It's hard being back at work after 5 days off. No big plans for tomorrow night.

Andrew said...


Me, mom, and dad will be watching the ball drop in Times Square at midnight on the Tele. We are going to have left over Christmas cake and ambrosia. It will be nice. Glad you've got some time off from work. You seem to work all the time. I am glad you love your job. Stop in anytime!!!

Cin said...

Andrew, I am so glad that you have Maggie to take walks with. It's to bad that you started feeling bad though. I hope your next walk with her will be better!

You mentioned Captain D's. Man! That brought back a lot of really funny memories. We used to have one here (Ohio). Our family went there a lot and it never failed that my Grandmother would do something hilarious every time we went! She once jumped the curb while we were leaving and we thought she tore the car up. Its kind of a long story but one that I cherish of my Grams. Thanks for bringing up that nice memory. :)

Andrew said...


Me too! Maggie and my iPod makes the long walks that much more pleasurable. That sounded like a hilarious story about your Grams. Sounds like something mom would do. She's hell on wheels in a car! lol