Friday, December 4, 2009

8:00 PM Snow Update...

All the local weather outlets are pessimistic for us getting snow now.  I hold out hopes in that the temperature has steadily fallen to 36 degrees.  Still keeping hope alive in the little Alcove call Lanett in East Central Bama.  Thanks Jessica for remembering my snow fetish!


This IS The Fun Part! said...

I'm glad mom agreed, finally, to come over last night. Sometimes that's really all someone needs is their mom just to be there. I have kept a few of my mom's things sealed in zip bags just so I can have the comfort of smelling her now and then. I'm 62 and find that her scent still calms me!

I am so glad that you're doing a little better . . hope you get the snow you want. Please give Maggie a little hug for me!


Summer said...

We are supposed to get some snow here in DC tomorrow. They say it won't stick to the roads because it's been so warm, but, maybe on the grass.

I hope you're feeling better tonight. Your mom certainly loves you.

Jessica said...

Hey no problem! :)I'm hoping for a bit of snow here, tomorrow, too. Regardless, it's going to be chilly, which is perfect weather to bring home a Christmas tree! Take care!

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