Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oopps, I crapped my pants...

I was telling dad last night that mom had told me she crapped in her pants over at Julia's yesterday.  Dad burst out laughing. 

"We really shouldn't be laughing about this.  Ya know?" I told him.

"You're mother has been crapping in her pants for twenty years!" dad replied laughing.

We then both got to laughing about the matter.  It really was nothing new that hasn't been happening for years.  Mom is always on some crazy diet that keeps her stomach torn up. 


HapJoy said...

dont see much humor in writing about your mother this way.

PipeTobacco said...


It is indeed interesting and humorous about the foibles that we all have and share within our respective families. It is surprising, but in many ways it is these various slip ups that we grow a fond memory of our family. I would suggest that HapJoy is being a sourpuss in his/her comment towards you in this regard.

How is your cigarette refrainment going? You have not mentioned it in a few days, and the counter is now absent from your site. Whether you are still on the cigarette free track you set for yourself or if you have returned to indulging, it matters not, for either way you are a good person.


Leann said...

I have to agree, as a woman, I don't really see the humour in it either.

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

as a woman, i DO see the humour. i've crapped mmy pants on multiple occasions, and my family helps to keep me sane by joking about it.

people with mental illnesses are sometimes hypersensitive to their physical needs, and sometimes they are insensitive to their bodies (or a mixture of both).

i find that sometimes i am simply not aware of impending disaster till it's too late... cuz i just don't notice. this is compounded by my lactose intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome.

c'mon people... it's just shit already!

p.s. i quit smoking 15 years ago and still miss it every goddamned day.

It's Jan! said...

There are days, like today, when I think your blog should be called "out of the blue" since you never know what you will find when you get here!

I vote funny...and I'm a woman. If you can learn to laugh at crap, you will have something to laugh about almost every day (hopefully).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Maggie (and George and Mrs. Florene and Helen and the rest of the gang).

Jan in PA

Moohaa said...

Definitely funny. When you can love and find humor with your family, there is nothing better.

How is the non smoking going?

Like the Professor said, it is ok either way. It is a hard journey.

Hugs friend!

Dee said...

I absolutely understand this situation, I am a woman, and this happens to all of us at one time or another. Im glad you wrote about it, it made me giggle, not at your Moms expense, but because it made something like crapping your pants feel a little more normal, does that make any sense? LOL!! Your blog is so real and wonderful and that keeps me coming back day after day to read it. :)

Sharyna said...

Andrew, you make me laugh!

Irishcoda said...

I found this entry because you mentioned it today...

hey, it happens. Whaddaya gonna do except have a sense of humor about it?

I had weight loss surgery back in April and things just ain't the same. When I gotta go, I gotta go...NOW. So I need to know where the bathroom is and I don't always make it. Sure it's embarrassing but like I said, whaddaya gonna do? Laugh or cry? I vote for laugh!

Don't feel bad about what the first commenter said. What are blogs for except to be able to talk freely?