Sunday, November 1, 2009

Houston, We Have Music!

I've been giving Maggie a bath every week.  She spends so much time in the bed that I feel this is necessary.  Well, Maggie has grown to think this not such a hot idea.  As soon as I begin to run the bath water, she is sneaking out the dog door to the safer outdoors.  I will be patient and wait for her to slink back inside.  Then I nab her!  It is kinda funny in the way she acts like a small child.

I ate lunch with Mrs. Florene and George.  Mrs. Florene had cooked this mushroom chicken casserole with homemade dinner rolls.  I can't describe how delicious this was.  The mushroom sauce had sour cream and lots of butter.  Dad has been worried about me going overboard with the weight loss.   With meals like this, he doesn't have to worry. 

The radio in my car hasn't worked for two years due to a anti-theft feature.  Today, I searched online and found  out how to fix it by entering a code into the radio.  I was overjoyed to have a working radio again.  I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner.  I called dad to share my jubilation. 

I took some pictures of my pumpkin before it starts to fade.  I am kind of embarrassed by it.  It looks homely on second thought.  That's why I  haven't posted pictures of my handiwork.  


Golden To Silver Val said...

Gosh Andrew....I don't know if its good for Maggie to have a bath every week. You might want to ask your vet about that. Excessive bathing removes the natural oils from their skin that's essential to keep her fur conditioned and also to keep her skin from getting too dry and itchy.

mago said...

Hello Andrew. I was not reading your blog for some time (over a year?) and some days ago I just came by again.
May I say something?
I find you have come a ong way. I do not mean the visual changes, I think you changed. The "tone", the "sound" of your writing, of yourself is different from what I remember to have read / felt / seen here. I am in no position to "judge" on you or anybody else, but allow me to say that this is probably more "you" then before. I really hope you are doing well, and believe me, it is very good and encouraging to read that you poured the stuff out. I really hope you are "centered", are with your self - and like it.

mago said...

"L"ong way, man, not "ong", sorry!

Lena said...

I love to drive with the radio on, music, talk shows,etc. Sometimes I get disappointed when I get to work and have to get out of the car. I will sit in my car until the end of a song though before I get out.

Lizzy said...

I vote that you show us the pumpkin! Love your blog so much Andrew!

Stephanie said...

Please post pics of the pumpkin. Make the day of a 5 year old! :-)

Karen said...

I agree with Val about Maggie and her weekly bath. You might be over doing it a bit.
Glad you have your radio working in the car again. I listen to most of my music in the car.
Enjoy your evening Andrew!!

Joy Heather said...

Glad your Radio is working..mine goes on straight after ignition..i have to have music when i am travelling in the car. I agree with gold/silver Val about Maggies baths though Andrew, a bath everyweek could eventually dry her coat out & give her flaky skin..try some 'Dry' doggy shampoo if she gets really smelly. The chicken mushroon casserole sounds lovely..making me hungry.