Friday, November 6, 2009

Maggie's Poop Hole...

My sister and my niece and nephew are in town.  I was over this morning getting my cokes from a very dopey mother. I knew something was wrong because there were seven cokes in my plastic bag.

"What's wrong with mom?" I asked my sister.

"I think she's gotten into dad's Xanax," my sister replied with a weak smile.

"Uh oh," I said.

I brought Maggie with me.  Maggie was standing in the Den and wagging her tail.  My niece pointed at Maggie's butt and said, "What's that?"

I laughed and told her, "That's Maggie's poop hole."

Maggie looked completely in bliss at being around children.  She was wagging her tail wildly.

"Don't tell her that!" my sister exclaimed laughing. "She's gonna say that all day."

I apologized, laughed, and gathered Maggie to take her home.  I was still smiling when I walked into my door.  It was one of the funnier things that has happened to me recently.  

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kristi said...

My son said douchebag this week, and he did NOT get that word from me for once!