Monday, November 30, 2009


I drove Mrs. Florene to church yesterday.  In the car, she asked me if I thought an intervention would work on George. She had been watching that show on A&E.

"Interventions rarely work," I told her. "I learned from AA that you have to hit rock bottom to start to climb back up.  George is a functional alcoholic so that doesn't seem likely."

"You know?" Mrs. Florene then said. "You hate to see your child suffer and it is like a slow death."

My heart went out to her when she said that.  She is such a dear lady with a heart of gold.  I told her I would get online and start looking for treatment centers.  It gave her hope and that is something that can be in short supply with an addicted loved one. 


Joy Heather said...

It is so Sad when we worry about our loved ones..its good she has you to talk to & help her..i do hope things work out well in the situation...but i think George as got to WANT to change for it to work ??..does he know how much it is upsetting his Mom ?

Lena said...

Nice that she has you for a support. You are good to get her information.