Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Changing Habits, Changing Lives...

"You really need to change your diet," my psychiatrist told me this morning after I discussed what I usually eat.

"Hit the organic section of Kroger," He said.  "Eat the wholesome Kashi microwave meals and whole grain cereals."

Dad was nodding his head as my psychiatrist said this.  "I need to eat that way as well," He added. 

"I believe diet goes a long way to bolster your mental health," Dr. Kern said. 

What did we do when we left the doctor's office?  We went straight to Hardee's and ordered four of the most fattening biscuits on the menu.

"These damn biscuits are so good," Dad said with his mouth full as he drove.

I laughed.  I hope I wasn't the only one who saw the absurdity of it all. 

Mom called me when I got home.  It was grocery day.  We discussed what I needed.  I mentioned the Kashi meals and mom went into a tailspin. 

"Just forget about it and get me the usual," I finally said.

I really need to start going with her to more carefully plan my meals.  But I'm feeling panicky right now and am going to stay home.


Leann said...

Everything that is bad for you tastes so darned good! Why is that?

kristi said...

I have been trying to eat better and incorporate more fruits and veggies, whole grain bread and cereal. It is hard at first but I pretty much eat the same breakfast and I pack my lunch so that makes it a little easier. I am a planner. :)

Joy Heather said...

I suppose were food is concerned its good to have variety...some things that you REALLY like (even though they may not be the healthiest)..mixed with plenty of fresh veg & fresh fruit, which can be lovely anyway...that way you dont get bored and give up quickly..if you still need to put weight on some 'treats' will help that side of things..also drink LOTS of can have a cleansing effect and help with lots of things like balancing the electrolytes in your body..this is so very important if you are on any sort of diet....i wish you well Andrew,..hope you are bouncing around real soon.

(M)ary said...

hilarious....your psychiatrist is giving nutrional advice.

well, i do like the health food section of Kroger. i shop it for sales which they have often.

i like Amy's Macaroni and Cheese and some of her frozen entrees

(M)ary said...

wait! it is Annie's Mac & Cheese that is so good. see my blog for a link!