Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's in a Name?

I asked George this morning why his mother didn't name him a more traditional African American name. 

"Why didn't she name you something like Cornelius or Orenthal?" I asked laughing.  "You're named after a country music singer for Christ's sake!"

George burst out laughing in between sips of beer.

"You just don't know how much hell I catch from other brothas about being named George Jones!" he replied chuckling.

We both laughed and laughed.  At least, George has a sense of humor about it all!  I love that dear man. 


Joy Heather said...

I used to like to listen to George Jones & Tammy Wynette..now i really am showing my age..he sounds a real nice guy..can he sing !!!LOL

(M)ary said...

orenthal? that must be a southern name. i have never met an orenthal of any color up here.

in fact, i see alot of names cross my desk at work and it has become increasingly difficult to predict race based on first name

i see white LaDonna's and black Elizabeth's and Asian Frank's

Andrew said...


O.J. Simpson's name was Orenthal. :)

(M)ary said...

andrew: AHHH!!! I never knew. I didn't watch the trial on tv and he was before my time football-wise...