Monday, October 19, 2009

Was it an Omen? Or a Sign?

I was dressed in my favorite shirt and jeans this morning.  I had just had a shower and was rearing to go.  I was on my way to get my six Diet Cokes for the day, and then to hit all the fast food restaurants for applications.   You can apply online now days, but I wanted the managers to see me first.   Well, I got out to my car and turned the key.  Nothing.  My battery was dead.   Was it an omen or sign I shouldn't be doing this?

I called mom and asked her to bring me my cokes when she went to get her hair poofed up at lunch.  Well, if you want anything done and to get it done quickly, you tell my mother.  She's my and dad's secretary.   She called dad and within thirty minutes, there was a mechanic in the engine bay of my car getting the battery out.

"I'll be back with a new battery in thirty minutes," he told me and left.

Should I continue as planned, or should I talk to my father first?  I feel dirty for doing this behind his back.  I already know what he will say.

"You can't afford to lose Medicare Part D,"  he will say. "Your medications cost $2000 dollars a month."


forsythia said...

I am sorry to hear that part about losing Medicare Part D. I think paid employment is something anyone should have, who wants it, and that no one should have to make a choice between work and meds.

geelizzie said...

Talk to your dad first. It really wouldn't be worth it to work fast food if you lose your medicare and have to pay twice as much for your meds as you earn at your job.
Have you thought about maybe some volunteer work, like at the local animal shelter or something? It would help keep you occupied even if you wouldn't earn any money.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hi Andrew!

Sometimes you are so intelligent that you can't see your answer - because it's too simple!

You know what your dad's objection will be - so research that. Both SSD and SSI allow limited income from employment! Dig into it on the internet, print out the results and THEN talk to dad. You can show him that it won't effect your Medicare at all if you stay within the boundries.

My step-son is on SSD with Medicaid and works part-time at Taco Bell. As long as he remains below a set $$ amount, it does not effect his income or his insurance. We are in Florida - and I know that it varies from state to state . . . but it can't hurt to check.

I think dad would be more willing to listen if you can show him you've done some research and really looked into the effect that a part-time job might have.

Good luck,

Boxer said...

won't he tell you to work for him?

I think it's great you're feeling good, btw. :-)

Berryvox said...

I was basically gonna say what Grannie said. If you get on the Ticket to Work program, you can make a certain amount before you have to worry about losing your benefits. Last time I checked, the limit was $900/month but I don't know if that's specific to my state.

I bet your psychiatrist would know more about it (and your father might be more willing to accept it if you have the support of a doctor).

The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

grannie has some seriously good advice. because i'm in canada we have different health care options. honestly though, not everbody has coverage here either. most people with jobs in lower income brackets do not get prescription coverage unless they buy blue cross and some poeple go many years between dental visits. i think meds, dental and optical should be free and i'd be willing to pay higher taxes for that... but then i AM a canadian!

anonymous said...

And yet I'll bet your father is a Republican who hates Obama and nationalized health care. Forget about working, find a hobby, start a business, go back to school.

Leann said...

Anonymous was unkind and tho I don't know who he/she is I apologize for them Andrew.

I agree with the majority here in that you can work and earn a certain amount without loosing your Medicare.

It's good to see you so gung ho about this.

On to better days. (hugz)

Jamie said...

I know the post you wrote is serious, and I totally understand the mess that working could cause, although I totally get that you want freedom. Andrew, this is such a problem...and it makes me feel bad for you. I have to admit though, when I read in your post that your mom was going to get her hair "Poofed" I cracked right up.

Hsng in buddy. Big hugs.

justLacey said...

Grannie is right. My sister is in NC and they told her the same thing. I live in FL and we had people working temp jobs at the Census that are on disability.
Do not give up your prescription drug coverage. The effects can be devastating. My family will lose their health insurance in Dec. unless i can find a job with insurance benefits. It's scary.

Joy Heather said...

It is such a big decision Andrew, but i can understand you wanting to work, that is so good to hear. I live in the U.K. and our laws are a little different, you are encouraged to work at least part time..without it affecting your benefits. IF this is the same in your State it is worth considering, but do not loose your medicare or benefits as i believe they are hard to get back anywhere...i totally agree with Grannies advice..i really wish you well in this Andrew as some part time work would be good. IF not then i agree voluntry work is also good, over here lots of organizations are crying out for helpers.

Jenn said...

I'm glad you're feeling energetic today, but I think you should start slowly. Maybe try volunteering somewhere and see if you can handle the daily or weekly schedule first. If all goes well, then follow Grannie's advice.

Cheryl said...

You'll do the right thing. Most of the advice here is really wise. Talk to your dad. Then work.

Summer said...

No advice from me kiddo. But..haha.. is there something you could do self employed? Like pet sitting for folks on vacation or house sitting, maybe not staying at their house, but checking on it while they are away, taking in mail, newspapers, watering plants etc? No W2's to file for sure and you wouldn't lose your benefits. I've suggested this to my youngest to earn some extra money since he's only working part time and has full time tastes. Just a thought.

Sharyna said...

Aaawww, Andrew, don't you read your own blog? Didn't we just go thru this last year? It's me, Sharyna, haven't we been friends for years? Then I can tell you the truth, go back to the Pharmacy!

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