Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shiny Things are Good Things...

"Look at it!" George said proudly as I stood at my front door this morning.

We both walked out to look at George's Buick.

"I even detailed the engine," he said opening the hood.

"It looks like a new car!" I replied. 

"Momma said I should keep it that way since she bought it."

I chuckled.  It did look brand new.

"I spent hours of sweat and toil on that thing yesterday afternoon," George said.

George got in his car and drove off with a proud grin on his face. 


Just a 12-pack.  Not a king's ransom...

"Mom?" I asked on the phone this morning. "Will you get me a 12-pack of regular coke?"

"I don't know," mom said with a somber tone. "Your daddy says I need to keep your grocery costs down.  I've been spending too much money. I will think about it."

She's gonna die when she sees how much a battery charger and batteries are going to cost. 

Well, this pissed me off so badly.  A 12-pack of cokes is only $3.99 at Kroger.  It is not as if I was breaking the bank.   I hung up the phone and felt terrible.  I really need to get a job.  Stuff like this gets old.   My life seems to be a series of obstacles to overcome as far as my parents, medications, and my disability is concerned.

Well, I called mom back.

"Don't buy me any groceries," I said madly after she answered.

"You've got to eat!" she exclaimed.

"I'd rather starve than have to put up with this kind of bullshit any longer," I said and I hung up.  


Leann said...

OH Andrew, it sounds like your day had a rough start. I'm so sorry sweetie. I hope you figure out something that will work for you.

Gary said...

Hi Andrew,
I've been reading your blog for days. I found it by pure chance (luck) and it has helped me so much! I'm going through pretty much what you have been through mental health wise and this last week has been the worst in years. Your insights and your wonderful gift of writing have impressed me beyond words. I hope you don't stop writing about your bad days as they give me hope and inspiration that I can weather the bad days too. I would love to see photos of your favourite places in Lanett and maybe some recipes for Southern cooking. My wife and I live in London, Ontario, Canada and if I had a magic way to send you some snow I could supply you with more than you could ever want! I have never found even one of your blogs boring, only uplifting and they do give me hope.
Thank You so much. I would like to email you sometime if you would think that would be o.k. email pals?

Jane said...

You can't give someone total control over your life and then whine when they don't run it the way you think they should!

Jamie said...

What a crappy day..I know how those can be. I can just offer a hug - and hope that by today, the problems have resolved themselves.

I read the comment above and felt so proud of you --- look how much help you are to others!

Hugs, friend!

Cheryl said...

Did your mom come around? Remember, she's got her problems too. One day you'll come home and find you have no where to walk because your kitchen is filled with Cokes!