Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain on the Horizon...

Today was another stir crazy day.  I sat. Sat. Sat. Uncrossed my legs. Crossed them. Uncrossed them.  Swung them wildly about in a moment of restless leg syndrome.  It wasn't bad.  Just uncomfortable.

Today was a big Maggie day, though.  I had five bucks and went and spent it on my dog.  I bought her some rawhide and she chewed and chewed and chewed.  She had the best time of her life and I said was going to have to treat her more often.  I want to get her beef jerky, but the price is prohibitive.   I bet she would absolutely love it.

I was also thinking about George and Pookie off and on.  George was such a staple in my life and abandoned me temporarily for that woman.  I realized today that her first parole officer meeting will be soon.  They will drug test her.  She will fail and land back in jail.  There is a silver lining to that cloud for sure.  Aren't I dastardly and conniving?

Dad was really hard on me yesterday before I went with Mrs. Florene.  He said I had been doing badly since August.  I was shocked.  I thought I've been doing better in the past two years than I have my whole life.  It really knocked me down a few notches.  I realized I have got to quit trying to live up to his standards.   Me and mom have a tough row to hoe as they say.   


mago said...

I think George is a kind of biological wonder. The last time I heared of him he was seriously ill and near death. Yes, some time since I was here.
This cat-photo some posts down really gave me the creeps.

Moohaa said...

Ah, friend. Don't take your dads comments to heart. I met you as you were coming out of hell, it seemed. You have done excellently since then! Always fighting to be a better version of yourself as most of are doing.

Big hugs!

So glad Maggie enjoyed her treat. I love spoiling my girls (cats). Seeing them happy makes me happy.

Leann said...

Daughters and mothers, sons and fathers. It is a wicked cycle.

I believe you are doing famously Andrew. You have come SO far!! Keep up the good work my friend.

p.s. loved the Maggie thru the dog door pic. She looks so content.

justLacey said...

You do have a tough row to hoe. I know sometimes your dad finds it hard to understand that. I imagine his life is difficult as well. I wish you could both find some common ground to appreciate in each other.

Lena said...

Leave it to a parent to say something that knocks down. Maybe he was thinking about when u were working for him.

You have hung in there and done better than most people could do.

Joy Heather said...

I dont know you as well as most of your friends who write on here Andrew..but i have read lots of your posts even from a few years ago..and i think you are doing so well now. i enjoy your style of writng it says a lot about you...I suppose in some strange way your dad may be reacting to the fact that you ARE in fact so much better & he recognises this & that you are perhaps not quite as reliant on him as you used to be ?? I'm sure he really cares for you..but perhaps enjoys you relying on him a little ?( i say this as a mom & grandmom)...i'm torn between wanting my kids to want me & need me...and knowing that standing on their own feet can only be an advantage for them..things will sort themselves out,just keep getting stronger.I bet Maggie loved the hide, it is so good for her teeth too.