Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birds Gotta Fly. Fish Gotta Swim...

George stopped by this morning looking defeated.  He didn't want to go home with his mother doting over him.  He just wanted to crash in front of a TV and drink beer.  I can't even imagine drinking beer so early in the day now.   I used to would wake up in the middle of the night and quickly drink three beers so I could go back to sleep -  my hands would have the shakes so badly.

"I went by Papa John's pizza," George told me.  "They want to check my driving record and my license is revoked.  I so had my heart set on delivering pizza."

They are building a new Kia automobile plant in town.  The production starts soon.  I suggested to George that he try and apply.  He is an incredible mechanic after all those years he kept his Dodge Diplomat plodding along.   He drove that car for almost 25 years. 

I got online and, Lord be, found where to apply at a farmed out hiring agency.  I printed out the information and handed it to George.

"Do you think I have a chance?" George asked.

"It wouldn't hurt to try and it would double your income," I replied.

George quickly finished his beer, jumped up, and headed out the door.  He was excited again.   We are all excited about the new Kia plant.  It is adding 5000 new jobs to our local economy.  And at a time it is needed most when West Point Stevens left town while taking thousands of jobs and moved it's operations overseas.


impromptublogger said...

Great news for your town! Kia used to be pretty low quality, but they've gotten a lot better. I hope the plant is a big success.

kristi said...

Love the new blog layout.
Great that new jobs are coming!

Moohaa said...

That's so awesome that you had that information for George. I sure hope it works out.. let us know. I love Kia's. I would love to have a Sorento!! I borrowed one for a trip a couple years ago and LOVED driving it. *sigh* :) Have a good day friend!

Leann said...

It's good to see that when so many automakers are going out of business that some are actually gaining ground. They have great benefits and wages. I hope George gets on and can continue to make upward progress towards his golas.

Lena said...

Good that George listens to your advice. What a good friend you are.