Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Last Temptation of Andrew...

George left a six pack of beer in my fridge this morning.  I kept expecting him to come back and get it, and it was of my highest hopes he would.  Well, those damned beers are just about to drive me crazy!  And this is my 700th day of sobriety.  Wouldn't that be just my luck?  Dad aptly said yesterday that if there was a small pile of dogshit in a huge coliseum, I'd find some way to step in it! 


Diana said...

Put it outside! Get rid of it! I don't care if it gets stolen...George should know better than that! 700 days....how do you spell PROUD any louder? You can do this Jon, just get rid of it....it isn't your problem.

PipeTobacco said...


I think the "dogshit" comment is rather unfair of your father.

I think you can choose to refrain from drinking the beer, or you can choose to drink the beer. You will still be YOU and will still be a great individual either way.

Drinking or not drinking beer does not determine your self worth. You are a valuable human being by your writings and by your presence here in the various communities in which you belong (in your neighborhood, in your hometown, in the Internet).


Joy Heather said...

I do think it is very much harder for someone with an alcohol addiction to just say 'no' to a beer when it is staring him in the face each time he opens his fridge..I think i would get rid of it or ask someone to save it for when George comes around again..BUT it is so good that you have been able to say no up to now..you would feel so depressed if you gave into temptation after all this time..Well Done for keeping it up this long....I really do hope you dont mind me commenting on your blog, i just enjoy reading it, and feel as if i know you just a little bit.

Jamie said...

You are doing so awesome. SO AWESOME. I am proud, just like I was your momma.

Hugs, friend. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm also very very proud of you Andrew! You have accomplished something that many have tried and failed. We can only assume how hard it is for you. Actually, I'm angry at George for doing that. Its almost like he has a little devil on his shoulder. Be strong.

forsythia said...

George should have known better. Get rid of them.

An Irish Friend of Bill said...

call a friend to help you turf it out or give it to a neighbour till george comes back to collect it.

george should know better! why is he leaving beer over at yours????? thats not very nice considering your background...
Anyway, pick up the phone and ask for help to put it somewhere else for george to find it. AA is a WE programme. its just too hard trying to do stuff on our own.
well thats what i find. perhaps a neighbour can take it off you, or you caould pour it dwn the sink with a friend.
Are you expecting anyone to come roind today? perhaps they can help?
or you could phone the local aa number, or an aa friend?

Thanks for posting about this andrew. it is perfectly understandable that this fazes you. its normal.
and the 'dogshit' comment was unfair. that is a bum steer. you are doing amazingly well and we are all very proud of you, so don't listen to your fathers take of the situation..

HapJoy said...

go to a meeting

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Congrats on 700! Many kudos to ya - as for the six pack. Wrap it in a towel and set it on the back porch where it is out of sight.

Then go do something complicated on your trains or something! Figure out some feature on your camera.

You have fought such a great battle so far . . don't let one dang six pack ruin all you have going for you. Gather your strength, add ours to it, and I'm certain you'll do what's right!