Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Raining...It's Pouring...

It's really been raining here this morning.  I love it! Maggie's in the bed.  I am sitting mostly in my LazyBoy.  We are having a quiet day just to ourselves. 

Mom called me and told me she is going to get my groceries tomorrow instead of Thursday.  We go through the same routine every time with me or her having to name each individual grocery out.  I get the same things every time. 

"You need eggs and butter?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied.



"Now I can only get you 8 cans of Chef-Boy-R-Dee instead of 10," she told me.

They are only .99 cents a can so I couldn't understand how two dollars is going to make much difference in my grocery bill.   Only in the mind of my mother.  Another one of those peculiarities I have to put up with to get my groceries home delivered. 

The big changes this week were that I didn't want cheddar, raisin bran, bologna, or grits.  


Karen said...

Lots of rain here too. I enjoyed my walk anyway. :-)

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Hey Andrew!

I'd give almost anything to have my groceries delivered sometimes! After a while, it really does get to be a chore!

Sure hope you enjoy your rainy Tuesday.


Jessica said...

Too much rain lately, for me! :(
Glad you're enjoying it though!

(M)ary said...

it has been threatening rain all day here and finally started pouring as soon as i got off work.

Summer said...

You and Mom make a grocery list fun! It's been raining here today and it's been rough at work. Ah well. I hope tomorrow is a good day for you and your Maggie Mae.

Summer said...

email me your email address. I have a link for you. summeraug@aol.com.