Monday, October 12, 2009

Grits That Rivaled My Father's...

I managed to eat breakfast with Mrs. Florene and George before the rain started.  Mrs. Florene was cooking,  George was watching the morning news in the den,  and I was sitting at the kitchen table.

"He didn't come home at all last night," Mrs. Jones said of George as she fried some bacon.

"He was at the shot house playing poker," I replied.

Mrs. Jones grumbled and mumbled something under her breath that I couldn't hear.

Soon, we sat down for breakfast.  My favorite thing was the grits.  They were so buttery and creamy.   It takes a real knack for Southern food to cook good grits.  Most people's grits are runny and watery.  Like what you would get at the Waffle House. 

Mrs. Jones fixed an extra paper plate of food for Maggie which I appreciated and which Maggie devoured when I got home.  I've given up on just feeding her Purina One.  She won't eat it and will just starve.  She is so stubborn.

Helen came by the house before work.  She was running extra late and was in a hurry.

"Your daddy's gonna jump all over me when your mother tells him what time I got there today," she told me.    "Here's some fresh Tuna fish salad.  My husband won't eat it."

What a nice thing!  I love tuna fish sandwiches and Helen makes the best Tuna salad.  My day was set with lots of good food, good drinks, ample cigarettes, and a torrential rain falling out my windows.   It is going to be a good day.  I can just feel it.  


Leann said...

Good morning Andrew! Enjoy your weather and kick back with a great magazine on trains and Maggie by your side.

Have a joyous day!!

(M)ary said...

i love tuna fish and chicken salad sandwiches but i hate to admit it, i am too lazy to make them for myself.

not a fan of grits but haven't had them much. when we would take vacations to the smokey mountains we'd see grits on the menu but up here in the North, it is not on the menu in most places.

Sophie said...

Finding joy in the little things is what makes life good! I'd love to taste those grits, you had my mouth watering. I like tuna salad too. Have to laugh at Maggie, I don't blame her, which would you rather eat? I don't always choose the healthy item either. :-)

Gary said...

I really enjoy your little videos, Maggie is awesome! Keep the photos coming. The flowers you have photographed would be considered very exotic here in Ontario. The only time we talk about grits here is when you buy sandpaper!

Joy Heather said...

I Love Tuna sandwiches, with salad and LOADS of Mayo,..but we do not have grits over here in the u.k., so i dont know what they are like..anything buttery & creamy sounds good to me kind of your friend to do a plate for Mggie too.

Summer said...

I think I'll make some grits to night for dinner.