Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Color and Spring?

The dogwoods are always the first to show color in the South.

The dwarf Japanese maple in Joyce's yard.   I miss Joyce. 

Imperfect, but beautiful.  Like a lot of women I know.  This is a camellia by Joyce's side yard.


Joy Heather said...

Very beautiful Andrew..each season as something to offer if we know where to look, my Roses have took on a 3rd blooming, i have white, pink & red ones in my garden again at the is getting very cold over here in the U.K. so they will not last too much longer i dont think..i will have to take some pictures before they disappear again until next year...thank you for sharing those.

Sophie said...

Beautiful photography! You really have an eye for doing these close up nature shots!

Tee said...

That photo of the camellia is beautiful. The way the light is falling on it and then the dark background. Good job. We were in Blue Ridge, GA yesterday and the leaves are beginning to really turn up in north GA.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

I like the dwarf maple best! Those colors are just beautiful. Great job on those pictures!

On your previous post about the holocaust . . it's really amazing that something like that could even happen. I sometimes wonder if there could ever be another awful thing like that again.

I have some little cards tucked in unlikely places in the house - the pantry, my dresser drawer, bathroom mirror, in the dog food bin, etc. Each card says "Always blessings, never losses." They just remind me to take a minute to remember all my blessings and forget all the losses of the past!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday and rest of the week!


KathyA said...

Absolutely beautiful! Who is Joyce?