Monday, October 5, 2009

*Cue Gilligan's Island Theme Music* A Three Hour Tour...

Mrs. Florene called me early this morning.   I was just putting the finishing touches on a bowl of crunchy raisin bran. 

"Do you have anything planned for today?" she asked me.

"I rarely do," I replied.

"Let's go to Clarke Brother's Meats and do some shopping for breakfast," she told me.

I licked my lips in anticipation of Clarke Brother's breakfast sausage.   Clarke Brother's is one of the few true butchers left in the area.  They grow their own animals.  Meats are prepared when purchased to order.  And I have this terrible weakness for their sausage in casing.  

Mrs. Jones brought an incredible amount of meat to adorn her freezer at home.  I was surprised as she is so frugal.   Personally, I bought two pounds of homemade rind on hoop cheddar.  I also bought two very expensive and beautifully marbled USDA prime ribeyes along with my sausage.  

Clark Brother's is a long drive to another county in Roanoke,  Alabama.  I was running low on gas when we returned back to the Valley.   Mrs. Florene thanked me and filled up my car.   I was so appreciative.  We spend the long drive mostly talking about George and the sudden upswing in his moods and lack of drinking. 

"Don't give up him yet," I told Mrs. Jones. "He's a diamond in the rough."

Mrs. Florene so enjoyed me saying that as I took her home.  

"You have a way with words," she told me as were pulling into the driveway.  


PipeTobacco said...


I took your advice at least metaphorically. Read both of my posts today if you can.


(M)ary said...

sounds like a great day! home grown or hunted meat is the best. the animals are happy before they die and they say the meat tastes better because the animals are less stressed (hence less cortisone in their system)

KathyA said...

Is Ms. Florene George's mother? What a nice outing you two had!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

That's great, Andrew!

You did each other a favor. She got a ride to the butcher. And you went somewhere you would NEVER have gone alone - and got yourself a couple of treats!

You are certainly making some extremely good choices my friend. And now you won't have to feel bad about going over for breakfast from time to time . . . she invites you because she cares about you!

What a wonderful accomplishment - and all with your medication adjusted your own way!

Look in the mirror and congratulate yourself my friend!

With great respect,

Cheryl said...

You've always had a way with words. How nice that you made that trip with George's mom. It was a treat for both of you.

forsythia said...

You do, indeed, have a way with words. I'm always telling other people how much I enjoy your blog. Sometime about the way you write always has me coming back to read more.