Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Year of thine sobriety day 701...

George came and drank his beers this morning after the nightshift. 

"I was about to pour them out!" I told him tersely.  "They were driving me crazy."

"Do you think you will ever be able to drink a beer again?" George then asked. "I miss you having a beer with me."

My only reply was that I am an all or nothing fellow.  I will drink zero or I will drink twenty.  My world has always been black or white.  

Even Tylenol is rationed in my corner of the woods.  I had a slight headache this morning.   I had to call mom to put two Tylenol in a ziplock bag and to leave them on the back porch so she could go back to sleep.   Dad's in Atlanta today and I was tempted to drive down to his pharmacy and just get a bottle.  Caleb, his fill-in pharmacist, wouldn't mind, but it would never fly in dad's world.   He's afraid I will take too many of them and ruin my liver.  


forsythia said...

Yay! 701 and counting!

Gary said...

Congratulations! You Rock Dude!!

SOUL: said...

awesome andrew-- you are doin so good !! keep it up eh?

ps-- i know whatchya mean about meds-- i haven't bought a bottle of nyquil in at least 19 years. (not that i've lasted that long-- but i 'should have')

happy day to ya-