Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Wal-Mart Tonight...

All my house lights were on at four in the morning.  I was up listening to Joni Mitchell on the computer.  I couldn't sleep.  I looked up out the window and saw George pulling up.  He just happened by and saw the lights on.  He figured I was up. 

"Why do you have your hazard lights flashing on your car?" I asked George standing at the door as he walked up.

"Oh shit!" George exclaimed and he ran out to turn them off.

That was like a police magnet and George had certainly been drinking.  He wasn't drunk.  Just tipsy.

"That kind of stupid shit is going to get you in jail again," I said admonishing him. 

George sat in my lazy boy and went on and on about Pookie and her imminent release from jail.  He was telling me of the lascivious letters she had been writing to him.  He was putting me to sleep and I was yawning with ever increasing regularity.  Nothing bores me more than George foaming at the mouth about that scandalous woman.

George finally got the hint that I was fading fast.  He left inviting me to breakfast in the morning which I certainly will not miss.  I can almost taste those biscuits and bacon now.  I am heading to bed to get a few more hours of sleep before daybreak.  The sun is due in an hour and a half.       

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forsythia said...

To get sleepy again after waking too early is wonderful. I've had that delightful experience many times. You gotta be careful about the caffeine you take in late in the day. Too much can ruin your sleep. Enjoy your breakfast.